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  1. Nope, right on the DataCards; "May not alter weapons systems except to remove them." But as stated elsewhere, by Reaper Matt, FA-45s and 1A2 GLs can be swapped out on other vehicles at no points cost. Hence my question: Can we swap out the FA-45s for 1A2 GLs on APCs? I noticed that CAV-RC doesn't allow it.
  2. I can't remember if this has ever been discussed. I know you can swap FA-45s for 1A2 GLs on vehicles at no cost, but what about on APCs? Any official input?
  3. Spire

    CAV AFV roles?

    Yup. Obviously you don't need to model internal mods, like the TL and ECM computers or breeders. I've heard both ways about armor upgrades, but I prefer not to model them. I am painfully aware of my skill with green stuff... PS Don't mess with Green Stuff. Just cut some thin plastic card into plates and glue it on to the mini before priming. Also, you don't have to cover the whole mini. With the CAV game's "Priority Armoring" assumption, you only have to put a few plates around on the mini to add some detail. When painting, you can then highlight the new plates so they can be seen. Or, like me, just do a normal paint job. From 3' to 4' away, you can't see the extra plates then. Comes in handy if you don't have the points to spend on armor upgrade that game. Sheet plastic is made by Squadron and Evergreen. These are the only two that I know of. Anyone else?
  4. Spire

    The Hellcat

    I was really hoping to hand that kind of duty over to the Dragonfly. Also, there are times when you can't have flyers. Super Jag and I have been experimenting with a new tournie; 2000pnts as many or as few CAVs as you want (but only CAVs), 45-60 minute time limit, 4'x3' board. The Stalking Puma does very well in this environment so far. First, it provides a very cheap second iniative card. Second, it performs it's assigned task quite well, even laying on a pair of DTs to an Ogre that had only taken 3DTs of damage. It has done reasonably well in YUCATs as both a Recon and Fast Strike unit. While not as devastating on soft targets like the Hellcat, the Stalking Puma has managed hit infantry and avoid the Defensive Fire by being outside of thier range. It also does well hunting APCs, light tanks and support armor. Just different tools for different jobs and shows the versatility of the chassis. It's a great mod and more challenging than most because of the Puma's arm structure. Excellant work!
  5. Spire

    The Hellcat

    This looks kewl. I've been wondering what to do with these Flamer Is from a modified Puma I have. I went the other way, I stripped off the Flamer I and added a second F-200 LBG. I use it to hunt down suppressed CAVs/Hard targets or those same units on their last couple of DTs. With the Puma's 32MM, it's hard to hide from. Mines a lot cheaper though, 179pnts including the TL upgrade.
  6. Spire

    CAV AFV roles?

    Hey, I'll share I thought with the swapping of the AT gun turret from the Stiletto, Cutlass seemed appropriate. Considering that in the "sword family", the saber and the cutlass are related.
  7. Spire

    CAV AFV roles?

    And I thought I was the only one to come up with this mod! I called it the Cutlass. Again, same thing there PS. I called mine the Morningstar (DFMs) and the Thresher (IFMs).
  8. Those are great fun too! Ever tried that 7.62mm N gatling gun? Dude! Sweet! Track Lube
  9. OK, this was me. I like this model, Amathor the Arch Mage. I use it for an Anhurian based army I'm putting together for Warlord using the generic datacards. I like the Anhurian minis and was looking for an excuse to get some. The seperate bases for the familiars is ok, I just find it clutters the tabletop. And there may be times that the spellslinger in question won't have the 20pnts to spend on a familiar. I think it is all personal preferance. Amathor is still a cool figure. My Lady finally saw it and decided she wanted one...it had a cute critter on it.
  10. Oh yeah, you poor crunchies can't do: FIRE. FIRE AND ADJUST. CALIBER 50. Hee, heee! Then again, neither can the M1A2s EVERBODY respects Ma' Duece.
  11. You got it easy. I'm going to have to try and get my ol' panzer from Fort Knox. Not to mention 40 rounds of 120mm HEAT and SABOT, 12,000+ rnds of 7.62mm N and .50 Cal ammo. That's gonna like call in ALL my favors.
  12. What are we going to do? Not let it sleep for 72 hours, feed it MREs and road march it for 100km while randomly shooting at it? Well, that was the last "stress test" I was involved in.
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