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  1. Logan "Talathel? Heard coupla tales 'round 'ere of 'im," Logan scratched his head, recalling one of them now, "You lads ever hear about the time he fought the otyugh?" Seeing the black expression on his comrades' faces, he smiled and began rummaging through his napsack. "Well, 'twas evening in Abken, and Talathel was going out to one of the nearby ruins with some of his adventuring lads," Logan pulled out a handful of rather large stockings as he paused. "The town council said their 'twas a dreadful creature nearby that was disruptin' traffic from areas around the town," Pulling on two of the stockings over his hands, he looked back to his comrades. Both of the stockings was decorated that, once over his hands, it looked curiously like a person. Mimicing the mouth opening and closing on one that looked rather regal, he started speaking in a rather affluent voice, "Talathel, I hear your friends here have experiance dealing with monsters?" Now going to the other puppet of an Elf with a lute strapped to his back, Talathel spoke, "Why yes, just the other month we dealt with a den of bugbears. Fierce warriors they are." "I can bet they are," the first puppet spoke again, "we have this creature in the ruins outside of town that keeps harassing travelers." "Have no fear," Talathel said in a rather epic voice, "We'll handle this!" Logan quickly put a helmet on the council member and then continued his act. "Come on lads! We have a monster to beat!" Talathel shouted back at his companion. "Talathel, how are we supposed to find this monster? No one has seen it for days!" "The it's probably getting hungry. We might be able to catch it when it comes out to eat." "And what if it doesn't come out?" "Well, we've hunted down monsters before, they generally find some place dark to hide out." "Say, Talathel, that doesn't look like a sewer gate, does it?" "Why yes it does! Let's go check it out!" Logan began to move the puppets up to the imaginary gate and had them open it. He took the companion's stocking off and began to narrate once more, "They searched for three days and nights down there. They began to loose hope when all of the sudden:" Pulling on another stocking resembling some sort of beast, Talathel jumped in surprise, "Holy Desna! Is that what I think it is?" To reinforce this thought, Logan made a growling noise and made the creature rear it's head, "its an Oytugh!" Talathel then "drew" a little stick from his waist, and charged the monster, who roared back and caught the stick in its mouth. Logan continued his fight with little slashes from the Talathel, the monster trying to bite him back, and both trying to tackle the other. "So Talathel and his companions fought the Oytugh bravely," Logan spoke again, "but as luck would have it, they backed the monster down to another sewer gate, and this one lead right into Abker." "Alas vile creature," Talathel shouted to the beast, "We've got you cornered!" He then tried to lunge at the beast, who sidestepped and then acted like he was opening a door and walked away from the fight. "But wait, where are you going?" Talathel shouted after him, "No! Not into the town!!!" The puppet ran after the Oytugh, and Logan withdrew them to his sides, "Now the Oytugh managed to run into the town and began wreaking havok among the citizens. The Talathel worked with the town militia, but it no doubt caused a lot of trouble, and the town council was not pleased." Logan raised his hands to show the Talathel puppet and the Noble puppet. "Now Talathel," the Noble began, "when I told you to track down and kill the monster, I meant for you to track it down and kill it, not release it into my town!" "Sir, I can explain," Talathel said nervously, "You see, we almost had the thing when it managed to escape and run out of our sight. We followed the tracks as best we could, but it made a B-line for the town." The Noble turned to face the adventurer, "Very well, but don't let it happen again. However, the Oytugh caused a lot of damage to our precious town, so the money you've been rewarded will instead go towards the repairs." The Talathel puppet hung its head, "I understand, sir." "Now the damage done to Abker was fairly serious," Logan lowered the puppets and began to remove them, "to show repentance for what they had done, Talathel and his lads helped the town rebuild, and then left to continue their adventures." Logan's comrades paused after he finished a minute, and then began to applaud his little show.
  2. Logan Seeing the pastries, Logan grabs a platter and meanders through the hall, now munching on his breakfast. Looking around, he tries to find Viorelo amongst the remaining Varisians, but he must have missed the lad while he was talking to Elder. Instead, Logan finds a few men from the caravan and sits amongst them. "Heya Lads!" he says as he sits down with a rather loud thump, "How's the mornin' treatin' ya?"
  3. Works for me. I was gonna ask you about that but I forgot. It would make sense to know the language of Logan's foster parents, and doesn't make as much sense to know Orcish seeings as he's probably never even really seen one. -Valkyrie
  4. Logan Returning to the bright sunlight, Logan had much to ponder. The Harrow reading had be rather intriguing, even if he didn't understand it. Logan had always thought Izakeru a little off, but he respected him for his tomes of knowledge and ability. This particular encounter puzzled him more so than usual though. Why did Elder seem to think it important to remind him about travel outside the caravan? he furrowed his brows trying to comprehend an answer. While his mind was busy trying to munch on these thoughts, he made his way to the Zandor ranch, his rather large stomach starting to rumble audibly. Maybe he'd run into Viorelo. "Heh! Now there's a thought!" Logan chuckled aloud, "Maybe Izakeru was talking about Viorelo!" He wouldn't mind some extra time with the youth. He seemed to like his performances.
  5. Got pictures of my character scanned and uploaded (finally) http://i912.photobucket.com/albums/ac325/outcastvalkyrie/Drawings/Loganmug.png and http://i912.photobucket.com/albums/ac325/outcastvalkyrie/Drawings/logan1.png Not satisfied with the hands or the axe on the last image (notice my little note :P). Mayhaps I'll have a chance to go back over them. -Valkyrie
  6. "Ach, Laddie! They're called bag-pipes!" Logan shouted after his companion. He blinked in the bright morning sunlight. Muttering to himself, he grabbed his equipment and started to suit up. He hated the mornings. It was always too bright for him, and the party and performance last night left him with a sour taste in his mouth and a bad headache. Picking up his bag-pipes, he looked out in the direction of the Zandor house. "Mmm, wonder what Elder wants?" he asked aloud, as if Viorelo were still standing behind him, "hope it doesn't get in the way of the gig they want me to play in town tonight." With that he made his way off to Izekaru's wagon, humming a rather joyous tune to raise his spirits.
  7. Well back in the day people didn't pay as much attention to the drinking age. I figure he was the equivalent of 14 or 15. -Valkyrie
  8. In terms of age, Logan's actually around adult-hood for a half-orc (just to clear that up). As for how Logan and Razevan would have met up, they could have been childhood friends. Though right now it's very likely that we'd be more reuniting after Logan's been doing a little adventuring. As for Logan's background: Before he was born, Logan MacConley has had to face trouble and discrimination. The Shoanti and Orcs of the Varsia are often fighting, and Logan's conception occurred following a rather crushing Orcish victory. The mother decided to abandon the child at birth, disappearing shortly thereafter from rather mysterious circumstances. Meanwhile, a passing Varisian caravan came across the abandoned Logan, and rather than leaving him alone, a woman by the name of Syiena Illuvia took him on as her own, not having children of her own. At first, she endured a lot of ridicule from her choice, but as the child grew, many of the caravan accepted him as one of their own, especially with his very distinctive personality. Logan's raising granted him with predictably low self-esteem, though in the end it turned out to be more of a blessing to him. As he grew, he began to show interest in music. As he developed his skills, he for one showed incredible talent, which surprised many, and he also proved that his insecurities allowed him to self-critique really well and continually pushed him to be a better musician. He also showed an incredibly sense of humor, which made him rather popular. He is especially known for his stocking-puppet acts. Though many of the people around him noticed a much darker side to his character. From his Orcish heritage, Logan became well-known for his temper and his occasional fits of rage. He also was always a rather intimidating person, and knows it. On many occasions, he avoided being teased by his peers because of his size and many of the other children knew that they would be tossed the breadth of a lake if they so much tried to insult him. On a travel to the city of Nybor, just south of Galduria, when Logan was around 8, he met a Gnome by the name of Quardink, who took him back to the Gnomish workshop after having a long conversation over a few drinks. While Logan barely fit in the workshop even at 8, Quardink showed him a stange bagged contraption which the Gnome had designed to make noise that he called a bag-pipe, but he could never figure out how to use the contraption. Logan picked up the device and after blowing air into a few of the tubes coming from it, he found out how to get it to work. Quardink, estatic to see it working, allowed Logan to keep the instrument, and Logan quickly picked up the quirks of it. On the caravan's regular visits to Nybor, Quardink enjoys to hear Logan play the bag-pipe, which he has gotten rather good at playing. They have even raised a few coppers playing at a few of the bars around town. I probably have a few alterations to make his backstory, but i have a feeling this is gonna be a really fun character to play :D Our fifth character should be appearing soon in this thread as well :D I just have a few more things to go over to get the character ready. Signing off for now, -Valkyrie
  9. Logan (my character) is mostly completed at this point. The url to his sheet is here: http://www.dndsheets.net/view.php?id=2046 I'll probably be tweaking it a little more but I'm mostly done at this point. -Valkyrie
  10. Sorry it's taken me so long to reply. for everyone else here, I'm in. And even better, I have another person looking to join in too. Vil, I'll e-mail you a scan of my char sheet sometime this weekend, mostly just when i finish it. -Valkyrie
  11. I'm not sure if there is another post w/ the same subject, but i couldn't find one. Anyhow, I need an idea of what I could do for a conversion to make a male & female catfolk character, perferably w/ leather armor. Any ideas? please help me.
  12. I am a personal fan of the Anhurians too, and i was going to order some for my Merc. in Warlord. How did u paint those? i want to paint my like ur's.
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