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  1. Necro'ing this thread, but a quick [search engine of your choice] for 'nail art jewels' will give you tons of tiny rivet options for really cheap.
  2. Thanks. I have a small back catalogue of unfinished bases. That one was XPS foam for the boulders, some scatter sand for gravel, with a few pebbles in and around. Glued down with the classic Black Magic craft tinted Mod Podge, airbrushed white, GW's Pylar Glacier to finish.
  3. Thanks, it was completely accidental. I primed black, zenethal highlight, messed up air pressure on the white and got speckles. The blade is white primer, AP's speed paint 'zealot yellow' dummied down 3:1 with AP Speedpaint Medium, brushed from base to tip in one smooth motion for both sides.
  4. lstormhammer? Where've you been? In a bottle, not one filled with paint. (I'm better, now) So yeah, it's Stern, painted as a Paladin, on a quckie ice base. I'm pretty happy with it. Cold start to snapped pics in about 2 hours. I did some NMM effects on the plate armor, used AP Speed Paint and then drybrushed a warm white for the glowing gold sword, then cheaped out and threw some gold metallics on the sword itself. The base is some odds and ends attached to a Wizkids base, Stern got a pin in his ankle to secure him into the rocks he's standing on, then everything got some Vallejo matte varnish to finish. C+C is always accepted, I'm trying to go through my absolutely Herculean amount of backlogged plastic miniatures, so hopefully we'll see more of this. Oh, and let's not forget to tag his namesake in, @Stern Kestrelmann
  5. Thank you for the well wishes. Everyone stay safe out there.
  6. I'm *trying* not to be a creature of legend becoming myth. --LSH
  7. I happen to live near a Tap Plastics, and I got a boatload of 25mm disks from them on the cheap. --LSH
  8. Hey, folks. Sorry if this was answered elseforum, just came to mind as I was standing in the LGS. In regards to shipping the KS backers their copies of the minis from all the levels, are those going to be thrown into a box and sent, or packaged up with a blister ack and sent out? I would think it easier to 'dump them in a box, slap a stamp on the box'. Less materal needed, etc. I mean, the plastic models are very durable, so why the heck not? I'm not going to turn my nose up if a box of unpackaged plastic arrived at my doorstep... All apologies for typing and grammar errors, I'm literally standing in the LGS getting a weird look from the store owner banging this idea out on an old 'Smart' (senile, at this point) phone... --LSH
  9. I've moved since the last time Reaper sent something to me. Unfortunatly, the postal carrier I now have is the laziest bastarge in existance. If the box is too big to fit the rediculously tiny mail box, he stamps it 'undeliverable' and goes on his way. Had more than one shipment of Blue Bottle Coffee lost because of it... --LSH
  10. Sidenote: Did slap a drybrushing of OD mixed with a bit more yellow and it does look a lot better. Sorry I didn't reply earlier, was pretty tired when I saw your responce. Thanks for the CnC! --LSH.
  11. Yeah, always has been a weak point for me. That particular one is superglue'd sand from Michael's craft store, spray painted along with the rest of the model. I'll get there, just need practice... --LSH
  12. Here's another one banged out today. Been on my shelf of shame for a few years now. I need to work on the picture taking. The model is pretty good, but with that high a resolution, the skull face looks bad. I thought to cut a step and try and paint white directly over the black. My bad... practice-practice-practice. I used to be better, honest! --LSH
  13. I know, right?! But seriously, been making an effort to getting paint jobs to the level of 'Completed'. Dare I say- 'show off-able'. Also; Living In The Future moment, relying on my phone in a coffeeshop. I would have crashed my flying car, anyways... --LSH.
  14. Mornin', everyone. Got a bit inspired to slap some paint together. The pics are a little bleached out, sorry about that. The model is tiny. I wanted to do it as a black wolf pup (the halloween theme and all), but once I finished drybrushing and Dullcote-ing it, it came out more gray than anything... Hope you like! --LSH
  15. At first blush, those do look great, and I would happily contribute. (You can already hear the 'however', can't you?) ...However, the only problem would be that when I usually run zombie horror, it's mainly low-to-mid-level Generic Medieval Fantasy. So having a Wanderer shuffle on by in his Dockers Khaki's would seem a little strange. (pauses, thinks). Unnnnnlesss.... It's a post-apoc universe where Humanity is only beginning to bring itself back from the brink of extinction, and a isolated autocratic society has developed, and the 'adventurers' are just 'the ones dumb enough to go out and beat up zombies for the safety of the community... Fantastic. I've logic'd myself into chipping into this project. :D --LSH.
  16. ReaperKit has imported the data through several forums. This is the third incarnation (that I know of). Some of the very old threads are jumbled wrecks of barely-intelligable words. (and their organization is incorrect, too! Dohohohoh!). Hope that helps. --LSH
  17. My general plan is to paint one or two a week, to get myself back in to the habit of painting. Their main use will be for Generic Medieval Fantasy RPGs, when and if I get a new gaming group together.
  18. Yeah, my bad about that. RL took over and only reciently (coughkickstartercough) did I have a thought of 'man, I miss that place'. I'll do better, I promise... --LSH, old man on the mountain.
  19. Figures the day I pop by and see how things are there's a thread about how long this place has been going. I ask only one thing: Continue your awesomeness for another ten years. --LSH.
  20. As long as you're not waking up at your desk in the middle of the day asking yourself that! Ask me no questions, I'll tell you no lies... :D --LSH.
  21. There's days, Eastman, when I wake up and not only ask 'who am I', but 'do I have pants on?'. :D --LSH
  22. Thank you, all! But seriously, It's good to be back. I have got to make it a point to show some of the minis I've been working on. Mini Companies Who Shall Not Be Named make 'Armored Futuristic Space Vikings', which I've been painting and doing a snow motif on the bases. It's coming out fantastic. Will post some to the WIP boards. --LSH.
  23. Hi everyone old and new. I know it seems a bit of a shock to some, and a bit of a 'who's this?' to others. I've been gone for some time now. I have a very good reason for it, though. A few years ago, the office I work (Financial Aid) had two people in critical positions, and neither of them were doing what they needed to. So in essence, I had to do work well above my pay grade and my only reward was not to be yelled at by students. A little under a year ago now, I took a promotion to be one of these critical people. We replaced the other idiot with someone who was born with a brain. Thank goodness. It's taken us most of that time to remove the horrible backlog of files in the office. This meant ending a lot of things I didn't want to. Mostly vacation time and 'slacking online', which means you wonderful people. While not as interesting as say, being captured in a French prison for a crime I didn't commit, it's what happened. I hope to be around here more often, but with the new responsibilities, I don't know how much I will be. Certainly more than 'none'. --LSH, AKA Jay.
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