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  1. No worries. I assume you mention that you'll be on vacation as you'll not have access to a computer during that time. Go nuts, have fun, we'll be here. --LSH
  2. Alright, then. I know there will be postings on Wednesday and Friday. I'll give you the posting for Wednesday, then I'll PM you, Frosch on what you want your actions to be. Thanks for the warning, as well... --LSH
  3. Perfectly understandable, GR. We'll miss you. As for the group, I'll be keeping it down to four for now. It's what I wanted to keep it to before. --LSH
  4. Oh, well... if we're talking Dream Jobs, then I want to be a Bond Villian. Super rich, cool gadgets, beautiful women who may or may not turn against me at the moment of the Superspy's weakness.... That, and I wanna say great lines like 'Homer! Which is your least favorite country? Italy or France'... --LSH
  5. Curse you and your effeciency! A pox upon you! :) Seriously, I didn't know that they had such a cool thing on the WotC site. So much for saying 'I'll get to it later'... --LSH
  6. You know, there have been fistfights at conventions over the whole 'females with beards' thing among dwarves. Personally, I like the 'short 'n' curvy' department, myself. But I may be in the minority out there. I'm sure if you do a quick Google Search you'll find something appropriate to what you want in your dwarf women... --LSH
  7. It would be a Knowledge: Local roll. All rolls are made by me, and if I'm lucky to remember, I'll post what the dice rolled were... Since I don't have my dice with me at work today, I'll have to wait until at least I get home this evening, in a touch under 6 long hours from now. --LSH
  8. Hi all. Yes, I know this is a short one, but gimmee a break, it's been a while since I've done this... --begin-- The Hin's playing has given a light mood to the room. The innkeep brings rounds of ale for all. “Keep your hat on, Master Dwarf. Here's your drink.” taking the few coppers for his efforts, he continues around the room. To the fresh-whiskered lad at the table, he drops a mug of water, laughing at his own jape. “Nay, lad. Here's your drink like any other.” he drops a tankard of ale before Roderick, the lad's coppers are as good as anyones. The hard hooves of horses can be heard, riding like thunder in the distance, then calming as they come closer and louder to the front of the Inn. A Dwarf can see the actions of three Men, dusty from travels and with a hungry look in their eyes. They look around, taking in their surroundings before entering the Inn without so much as a look or how-do-you-do to the Dwarf on the steps. “Ale!” these hard men cry out, their clothing sturdy but of common cloth, the film of dust deeper than a day's ride. Each man dresses in their own way, but their unifying item is a dirty red sash, wrapped around their waist. They take up a seat a table over from Roderick, one man giving him a gap-toothed sneer before the three of them are deep in their own conversation. Knucklebones can be heard rattling on the hard rag-polished wood. The perceptive of the patrons in the tavern can see a dark cloud has blanketed the liveliness once masterfully crafted by the Hin. Townsfolk whisper into their mugs, and the Innkeep's lips press into a hard, thin line. Per the Men's request, he brings them their drinks, only to receive too few coppers for his efforts, and rude words as he departs. Such foul jackanapes would never be allowed anywheres near the finery of civilized lands. --End-- --LSH
  9. Thanks for the compliments, but as of right now I don't think I'll be adding people. Maybe later, when people want to drop out of the game, but we'll see. --LSH
  10. Hahahahahha!!!! Snuck in a posting when you all weren't looking! Mostly, it was a flavor text and general idea of the town and it's history (Vague as that is) --Enjoy. --LSH, back in the saddle again.
  11. This Dungeons and Dragons game will use the Players Handbook, The Dungeon Master's Guide, and the Monster Manual. All are owned properties of Wizards of the Coast. Reaper Miniatures takes no responsibility for the contents therein. So don't sue, I'm poor. ---Begin--- Frederick the Elder, Greatfather to Greatfathers rests his ancient bones near the warm fire of the Inn. Eyes almost white with his years, he smiles as the barkeep brings his favored drink to his side. The children begin to gather around him, eyes wide and bright, sparkling in the evening fire's light. “Again! Again!” they chorus to him. His wrinkled features smile, for as his body succumbs to his hears as a warrior, the Gods have left his mind sharp as always. “Again?” he asks them, mirth bubbling in his voice. “What is this of again? Like a murder of crows you all yammer!” he chuckles, deep in his chest at his own jape. He knows the story these young, bright children wish to have. “The Five! The Five!” the chorus again, a wave of chuckles going through the common room as other patrons know the story to be told. “The Five, eh? Which Five?” he plays with the children. Cacophony rises as each child attempts to give him the details of which he knows by heart. Thin arms rise up to the air. “Enough! I know of which you speak, little ones! Now silence as I tell you once again...” The children quiet down, only on occasion squirming as they find comfort on the stones of the floor. Frederick the Elder leans forward, his eyes intent as he speaks to the children. “Now, listen carefully, little ones. For the story begins on a day not unlike the day we've just ended...” -- ...The clang of the Blacksmith's hammer rings through the village, metal forged under heat and hammer. The scent of fresh-baked bread wafts through the buildings. A mule brays in the distance, quiet protest to its labors. Four long years have passed since the Fool's War swept this land in madness. Able-bodied men leaving, most never to return. Those left behind of too few winters, or far too many. But war brings death or manhood to those left behind, doubly so when the Orcish raiders from the north came sweeping through this village, burning the buildings and the famed orchards for which this village gains its namesake of Apple. Lean, hungry years passed, long have the efforts been put forth from all corners of the kingdom to help those left here. The village survives, but a steep price was paid in sweat and tears. Only now does new fruit begin to hang heavy on the limbs of the trees, bright red jewels that can be seen from the center of town. New buildings are the order of the day, their wood fresh and unseasoned by the weather and time's passing. More influencial members of this town have stone buildings, the heavy blocks placed there by Human hands. The majority of the buildings are wood with warm, thatched roofing. The village is a small crossroads, with a nice Inn that has seen better days. Fire gutted the building in the Fool's War, and only now is it coming back to its prior glory. Some folk say that in the deep hours of the night, you can hear the screams of those who passed on horribly from the fire that engulfed this building. As with many communities of Man, this serves as the community's center, the heart that beats and helps the whole thrive. Being daytime, most of the villagers work the fields of wheat, barley and oats. Leaving the Common Room bare for for a smattering of inhabitants. But dark times are not far enough gone to be considered history, and still the villagers keep their eating knives sharpened and loose in their sheaths. A new threat begins to overshadow this land. Rumors mostly, at this time. A late shipment, missing livestock, an errant courier. Villagers will speak among themselves on such matters, but talk is nothing without actions... --End-- --LSH
  12. Good catch, Cucu. Even I don't get them all. Also: Stern? Your XP would be 0. it takes 1000 points to reach Second level. Otherwise, looks good. (I just rolled a Dwarf Berserker for my tabletop game, and went axe-and-shield with him.) --LSH
  13. Looks good, Stern. Anyone else? I know I have CuCu42's in my Inbox, and I saw Frosch's submission. --LSH
  14. Yeah, those are new. But you don't get Indominable Will until high-levels... --LSH
  15. CLW is a 1st level spell, which you can get at 2nd level Bard. Oh, and for quick reference: The d20 SRD online --LSH
  16. I want you to play the characters you'll be happy with. That is the primary rule. But if you want to play Sea Dwarf Druid/Ranger/Clerics of Lolth, then we're going to have problems... :) --LSH
  17. Feel free to discuss what you want to do in the game on this thread (which will be renamed soon). Frosch, I could see making room for you in this if you wanted. That would make a totak of 5 people. --LSH
  18. Hey there. Playing a Dwarf is easy. In my games, I usually use German as a good substitute for Dwarven (The sound if it is very in mind for what I see for Dwarves). The Dwarves in my games live in the mountains to the general north-east of the continent. You can be down for any reasons I can think of. If you do him with two points spent in literacy, he could be a skirmisher, or heavy assault troop, but what you do with him is up to you. I see Stern's interested, as well as CuCulain42, Qywksilver, and Ghost Rider. If you four are the ones to be in this, roll me some characters. As far as I know. Barbarians didn't change much in the 3.5 edition, so you should be fine. If you were to be a Ranger, I know they got severly changed. --LSH
  19. The Uncanny Valley rears its ugly, ugly head... But all kidding aside, that's pretty cool. --LSH
  20. Hey there. Glad to know there's sudden interest in the game. I have a small list of questions that were given to me via PM from Quicksilver. I have a couple of questions. Character creation 1. Ability score generation - Point buy, 4d6 drop the low, etc? Ability scores I (should) make point-buy, but I don’t have the rules before me to just type them up. If I see four 17’s and two 18’s, I’m calling bull*^ I’ll research the point-buy system tonight and post it. 2. Amount of fluff you would want for the character. Characters should have the basics. Where are you from, what do you do as your normal day, do you have any real hatreds and the like. Otherwise, fill it in as we go along. 3. If I am playing a non-human, e.g. a half elf. Is this a common enough race that the person might come from Apple with such a small population or would there need to be a reason made for them being there? Half-Elves are rare, but not unheard of. As for being there, you can be just traveling through when the hand of fate grabs you and yanks you around. 4. How much magic (arcane/divine) is there in the world. Would a wizard or cleric be considered EXTREMELY rare, unusual but not remarkable, or commonplace? Magic is rare, but not unheard of. Maybe 1% of the population can do something, and a tenth of those can be called ‘Magic User’. Clerics are a little more common, with each village having at least an apothecary (non-magical healer) who can patch and bandage people up. 5. What kind of equipment would we be able to purchase with our starting money. Are there any limits beyond the Equipment lists in the core rulebook? I can’t think of any limits as I type this up on your spending ability, but I do reserve veto rights on anything I find silly. (No rat-flails) the basic clothes on your back you can have. And socks. I would stick to the Equipment lists in the basic PHB. 6. How will absences be handled? For example, I will be away the 2nd week of August (6-13) as well as Gen Con weekend. Absences I can cover for a little while, or let someone else post for you. If you’re gone for a month or so, then we’ll figure something out. 7. Timezone issues. If people are posting at 9PM your time, chances are, I am in bed asleep already here in MA and would not be responding until later the next day. Would this become an issue? I usually post in the evening my time, taking about an hour or so to make dice rolls and such like that. So it’s quite possible the East Coast people won’t see my posting until the next morning. As long as you make a posting (of some sort) before I post again, that will be fine. I usually read postings, understand what I’m reading, and then make rolls… More questions? Sock'm to me, baby! --LSH *edited because the quotes I had around QS's questions completely bombed...*
  21. Hi all. Well, the dice-rolling itch is getting too much, so have to scratch it. My perfect idea would be to start a small scale DnD (3.5) game that will be posting 3/week. I am going to be using the DnD 3.5 edition books printed by Wizards of the Coast. You can also read the system provided by going to The d20 SRD online. My perfect players will have a working knowledge of the DnD system, and willingness to post at least two paragraphs each posting. If, in the case of conversations they want to make quick little posts, or a combination posting then that will be welcomed. I am avoiding at all costs one-sentence postings or long breaks between postings. I am also looking for clear, well written postings that, should you need to, you will explain your action in the OOC thread. The perfect alignments would be those that are willing to help out the other players, and random people. They can differ in their idiologies and their methods, but I do not want 'casual killers' or out-right Evil characters. My perfect classes would be those commonly seen in a 'classic' DnD setting (ie: The ones from the main book) If you want to play a druid or some such, easily done. The planned game will have extensive forests nearby. I am willing to have any races you want, with two limitations: I would prefer mostly Humans in the game, and No Gnomes. I do not like them, and they have no 'niche' that cannot be filled by the other 'short' races. I am looking for a total of 4 people for this game. And I am looking to keep the number of 'extras' down. (Followers, familiars, Animal Companions, etcetera) to avoid 'Party Bloat' where the DM as to remember about everything and everyone. The characters will start at 1st level with rolled gold. And you must pay for your equipment. Since even Masterwork items start at about 300GP, you will most likely not have anything like that in the beginning. The game will be beginning in a small Human hamlet of Apple in a classic Human Kingdom (Details coming later). Your characters can be from that town (pop ~250) or from someplace else. Before you ask, yes, this will be completly seperate from The Darakan Chronicles in another world (Heavily influenced by my tabletop game world) Best Case Senario I start postings next monday (8-01-05), so PM me if you're interested in this game or have further questions. I will post addendums to this posting later on. --LSH
  22. *recovers from laughing* OK, that was funny. --LSH
  23. Here's another article about working on Water. Pretty cool stuff from Hirstarts once again. --LSH
  24. My dream job? Paint for Reaper. --LSH
  25. Thanks, always glad to provide a good zinger. Now, the question becomes will these fine men and women pick me up, or will these fine people come calling? --LSH
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