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  1. Just making some notes for the game, I see that both Haldir and CuCulain are interested in playing grease monkey types. This is fine, but I also could see some cross-pollenation happening there. Which is a fancy way of saying 'stepping on toes'. :) I'll leave it to you two to hammer it out. Maybe they're twins, and one of them is evil.... --J.
  2. Check out the Wiki for SotC, there's some interesting things included in there, especially about the characters. In essence, SotC characters are born on midnight or within hours of 01-01-1900. They are called 'The Centurions' and are the heroes of the century, who will help mold the fate of mankind for this bright, new century. But be careful! For where there is light, there is darkness! Those born on 12-31-1899 are just as villianous as our characters are virtuous! They are the Shadow Centurions, and they seek to enslave mankind to their own nefarious plans... So most characters are going to be about 33, in the prime of their life, hailed and regaled for their previous actions. They are the ones you go to when no one else can solve that which ails the world! --LSH.
  3. Suprisingly, E. That's an excellent idea. One of the great parts about the SotC system (FATE 3.0) is that you can play interesting, non-combat-oriented characters. My tabletop campaign had a scientist who would be furious if someone used her inventions for war. --LSH.
  4. Hi, all! Firstly, still interested in doing this. With luck, I'll keep it short and sweet, and not drag it too long. That's what kills games. (that, and everyone and their uncle having an entourage...) I'm planning on some jungle-esque activities, and all the fun and games that entails... Still have room for more (no more than 4-6, please). And we'll see what we have! If you have a chance, check out the SotC wiki (posted previously) to get a flavor of the game... --J.
  5. No trouble, was starting to wonder about the status of characters. I really wanna see this one take off. --LSH
  6. OK, it looks like just the pair for right now. But that's cool. The greatest thing about SotC is that it's infinitly adaptable to the people you have ready to be in the game. C and S: work on your characters. If you have troubles, PM me and we'll go from there. --LSH.
  7. Anyone else? I'd love to see a couple more people to round out the group of globe-traveling adventurers. --LSH.
  8. The first aspect I can see off the top of my hat is 'Bad leg' which you can 'tap' for sympathy, or I can 'tap' when you're trying to chase down mooks or villians or running from panthers in the jungles of the Congo... --LSH.
  9. Once we get more people interested (I'm already eyeballing Stern) we can do the chargen and such. Natch, I'll be handling the dice rolls, but with luck I should be able to remember to post the actual dice rolls. I'll prolly do it at the end of the posting, in an OOC area. There's also 'Fate Points' where you use Aspects (think Feats from DnD) to do cool stuff with your character. You use a Fate point to activate an Aspect. Now the cool part is that Aspects can be used against a character. So for example; if Johnny Johnson has 'Never strikes a woman' as an Aspect, and he's facing a femme fatale, then he gets a Fate Point because she's holding a gun to him, and realizes he's been played for a sucker. More to come as people's characters gel. --LSH
  10. That's more than perfect for the pair of you. Now go check out the links I sent. I believe you can even order a pdf of the game from their site. --LSH.
  11. Actually, it was more of having a social life that kept me away from here. With luck, I'll be around to pester you with my annoying wisdom and hilarious verbal kung-fu. --LSH.
  12. Honey-soy drumsticks. 1C honey 1C Soy sauce 1t ginger (fresh is better, powered cut by half) 1t garlic (mashed, sliced, what-have you) Dash of salt and pepper. a dozen or so chicken drumsticks, skin removed place all ingredients into a zip-top bag, squeeze all the air out, let it marinade overnight. When ready to cook, make sure you're on medium heat! This is one of those where a high, searing heat will only burn the outsides before the insides get cooked. You want to sneak that heat into the chicken, without burning the goods. I did this on medium heat for about 20 minutes, then dropped the heat to low and let to go another 30 minutes, turning about every 5. There's a lot of sugar in honey (yum) so if it looks like it's just burning, move it off the heat and let indirect heat finish the job for you. I served this with fresh pilaf and it was heaven. --Iron Chef LSH.
  13. The game I'm thinking of running (the one I have literally added to every conversation, PM, IM, or carrier pigeon message I've sent of is... --->>>Here<<<--- Go now. :) --LSH
  14. Unkie Stormhammer approves, and had a mighty laugh. Gods, I remember a time when that little one was *really* little. Good to know you're putting on the right path. When is he entering models at Reapercon? --LSH
  15. Nothing wrong with taking the Two-fisted Archaeologist type and doing your own spin with him. You could make him, say; a budding archaeologist who happens so also run a side business with his seaplane. Travels the world, sees exotic ports of call. Meets and greets all manner of person. ...you know, the guy with the game hooks! :) Once we know all the people who want to play, the fun part of chargen begins; How all the players know each other. This gives the player an idea of how the character reacts, and you all know each other so it's not like most games where a rag-tag group of adventurers are thrown together to fight a greater evil! ...OK, it's just like that, but the Martini has just been invented, and there's nothing wrong with a restorative whiskey at 10 in the morning. --LSH
  16. Good to hear there's some interest. If you have questions, ask them! It shouldn't be too hard to get an answer out of me. For those of you still gawking and saying 'uuuh'. Think of Spirit of the Century as 'Raiders of the Lost Ark'. (same font, even). It's about two-fisted action hero scientists, femme fatales, creators of Mad Science threatening the world with some new horror, and explorers pushing back the last uncharted parts of the map, all set after the horrors of The Great War, and in the shadow of WWII. --LSH
  17. Forgive me a slight moment of bragging... When Kit sorted everything, he kept numbers 1-200 for staff and other reasons. But that's neither here nor there. Yes, the earthquakes, wildfires, and the election of Arnold Schwarzenegger have had little to no effect on me. I still live, I still work. My boss hasn't gotten sick of my shenanigans, so at the very least I continue to pretend to work.... :) As I said in my earlier post; I promise to post more often. --J.
  18. Hi, all! So there's this game I've been playing of late, and in a bolt of inspiration, realized this would be perfect fodder for the classic Forum Play-By-Post that I seemed to succeed with previously. I would like to run a game of SotC, play-by-post, for 4-6 players. I'm looking for good, pulpy hero characters. Science and guns go hand-in-hand to defeat the villain du jour. Think the... well... pulp novels of the 20's and 30's. I'll be setting the game in 1933. A lot of 'interesting' historical events happen around that time (including the end of the Voltsted Act and the rise of Nazi Germany). The rules themselves are fall-down easy, and depending on the responses I get, I can easily help people make their characters. The idea of SotC is literally a 'pick up game'. In tabletop, if your friend can't make it, then no problem, the other players can have a game on their own. There's a Wiki, which seems to be the standard now-a-days. Feel free to look it over, tell me if you like it. Give me some ideas of characters you want to play. An idea mix would be: One Brawler/fighter/shooting type One Academic/Scholar/Scientist type One Mechanical/greasemonkey/driving type One Exotic/parallel universe/Martian Prince type One Schmoozer/landed gentry/socialite type. Naturally, all of these are mix-and-match, and if two people wanted to play the same type, well... that's comedy gold! Postings will probably be Mondays and Fridays, with people having a chance to send me a question of three over the week. With luck, this should be good. --LSH.
  19. Greetings, one and all! There I was, sitting at my computer, surrounded (quite literally) by minis and paint and Elmer's glue, when I realized what I was missing so desperately... The familiar red band of the Reaper Boards illuminating my monitor! So yes. I have returned, and I promise to return as often as I possibly can. Cross-my-heart-and-hope-to-die kind of promising. I will be truthful, my painting time has swirled down the toilet of late, but I am hoping to get back on that horse and ride it into the sunset. I mostly have 'partially completed' jobs here. Things that need a little more paint to complete. You know how it goes... I also am thinking of running something in the Sandbox section. I know I can feel eyebrows raise and glares being aimed at me. But this one's not going to be DnD. In retrospect, I *loved* running TDC, but like some sort of expanding candy-foam, it just got to be too much to fast. But at the same time, my writing skills sharpened in a way I cannot even begin to put words to (ironic, as I'm typing now...). So I will give you a link here in a second (prolly linking to the game I want to run) and offer up spots to people. I missed the chatter around this place, and I truly hope to immerse myself in it once again. --Ol' Unkie Stormhammer.
  20. lstormhammer


    Gods I wish I could go. Southwest Airlines even flies direct from Oakland to DFW now. Just seems to be terrible timing on my part. Stupid work and all that. --ol' Unkie Stormhammer.
  21. In the words of Ned Flanders: Son of a Diddley. I got the candy, the pumpkins, the goodies and what-not, and not one child knocked on my door this year. In years past, it's been non-stop capery and fangish delight, but not so this time around. I know there *are* children in this apartment complex, but buggered if I know where they went. So aparantly, three pounds of assorted pre-packaged chocolates will be making their way to my desk. Nothing to soothe the bitter pill of Financial Aid swollowed with a Hershey's Special Dark chocolate. --LSH
  22. Just thought I would pop on and say Happy Halloween, and may the Great Pumpkin rise forth tonight! --LSH, he's got a rock.
  23. Thank you kindly. Would you believe I actually forgot it was my BDay? Honestly, I stopped counting (32) after 21... --Ol' Unkie Stormhammer
  24. Yeah, that's pretty much why I dropped out of Warhammer 40K. There's only so many Marine vs. Guard battles you can see. Now, if we were using Rogue Trader rules, I could do some stuff with those, but since GW cranked down on a lot of the 'extraneous' items in their universe, it come down to who out to who positions better. And don't even get me going about their tanks that blow up if you look funny at them. --LSH
  25. Xacto knife, some very fine metal files, and lots of patience. That's all I can tell you. That, and 'Good Luck'. --LSH
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