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  1. Old threads never die... Stormhammer's chicken fajitas! 3 pounds of chicken breasts, boned and skinned. 1/2 cup taco seasoning mix. Enough water to make the mix into a paste. Usual fajita fixin's. Tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, onion... This takes an outdoor grill, so fire up the BBQ! Mix the chicken and the mix and the water into a big ziplock bag, and smoosh it around so everything's covered. Let it marinade for ~1 hour. Chop up your favorite fajita fixin's, set them on a large plate (and keep in the fridge for now). Over a medium heat grill, place the chicken breast pieces on the grill, flipping once every six minutes. When done (~24 min, 4 flips), take them off the grill and let them rest ~10 minutes. Slice into thin strips, serve and get the heck out of the way from the mindless hordes that will attack the grub. --Iron Chef Stormhammer.
  2. Pine-Sol is best on metal minis, as they will destroy plastic ones. Simple Green works best on Plastic and metal minis, and won't destroy superglue bonds on your minis, so you don't have to worry about your perfectly glued minis coming apart. And no funky smell to worry about, either! --LSH
  3. It's a matter of preference. But I do know that you can go down to Costco or medical supply place and get 150 pairs (300 total gloves) for about $12 (US). I use them more when I handle hot peppers in cooking. And in the words of my hero: Alton Brown: Get the kind with the talcum powder. Otherwise, you'll be wrestling a muppet to get it on. Also: Note that you can get non-latex gloves. Some people do develop an allergy with prolonged exposure. --Unkie LSH
  4. That's the reason I have salsa jars and garlic jars. Not just because I love mexican food! The big jar is for big projects, the small jar is for small jobs. The great part is that those jars seal tightly, so chance of leakage is small. Also: get an old toothbrush and under running water, brush the now easy-to-lift paint clean off it. If you leave the mini dipped too long, it will tarnish the bright pewter sheen to it, but I don't consider that a loss. When I can see the mini's actual ridges and valleys, it helps me visualize what I'm going to do with it. --Ol' Unkie LSH
  5. What's be a pirate's favorite animal? Aarrrrrghvarks! Pirate movies will always be rated 'Aarrrrrrr'. --And so forth, ye scurvy barnacles! --Cap'n Stormhammer
  6. I went to Orchard Supply (local hardware store around here, larger than the average Ace, but only local, as far as I know) and got a gallon of Simple Green. I then went through and got the biggest salsa jar I could find, emptied it (with chips and beer) and ran it through the dishwasher (I am a clean gamer, after all). Then keeping the lid, I filled the jar about 3/4ths of the way. Add lid (tightly) and I keep it on my painting table. When I need to dip a mini, open the jar, dip it in, and leave it for about 2 hours. I haven't attempted to dilute the stuff, but I also almost never need to change the liquid ever. Maybe once every six months. If you have smaller minis, consider hitting your local supermarket and picking up some Christopher Ranch crushed (or chopped) garlic. They have tiny jars that IMHO, are perfect for one or two minis at a time. ...not to sound like a shill for C-Ranch, it's just that they happen to have a nice jar. PM for more info! --Ol' Unkie Stormhammer
  7. An' be usin' this keyboard today, lest ya swing from the mizzinmast! --Saltydog lstormhammer
  8. Um, all those nice, flat surfaces to give incoming projectiles plenty of chances to dig into the armor, instead of glancing off? I honestly don't know. for minis, I kind'a like them. They do an adequate job of telling my sleep-addled brain 'This is a tankity-tank'. --LSH
  9. I am busy, always seems that I'm busy. But generally doing well. --LSH, old school.
  10. Hello all! Yes, I still live. I know it's not much to say from your favorite Unkie Stormhammer after being gone for nigh on two months now, but worry not. I have thought of this Little Forum That Could often during that time. I will still Mod (though Mods quicker on the draw than I will surly extinguish fires before I can), and I will always be willing to answer questions to me. Just be patient. I promise, I'll get to them, just takes me time to get to them. --Ol' Unkie Stormhammer.
  11. First things first: I live! Secondly, I have seen how my time it spent now-a-days, and with great reluctance I find that I just do not have time to actually run a game in my beloved world of my own creation. I am sorry to everyone for walking out of the game. I know it's not the best way to delicatly put things down. I know some of you will think less of me, I just hope to make those numbers diminish. --LSH.
  12. I am here. Just very tired and very stressed in RL. I am truly sorry I have failed to deliver the goods. I do have lots of plans for the game, the time to implement them however, is short. I believe that William Shatner said it best; "KHAAAAN!" I will get to the game, I can assure you that, but just give me a little time. --LSH/J
  13. Enchantra is exactly right in this one. June/July is crazy-busy for me. I'm literally getting home from 10-hour days and falling over. It's not helped by students screaming at me because they didn't read their paperwork. I have big plans for this game, I really do. But good lord I'm tired. Stay tuned! --LSH.
  14. Congrats, Q. And sleep as deeply as you can. It'll be the last time you can for the next twenty years. :) And I'll take the little rug monkey and teach them the proper things in life. LIke curries, and how to make a proper Manhattan. --Ol' Unkie Stormhammer
  15. So I saw in his posting. Going to PM him best of luck. (he's going to need it) and bring him into the game a little later on. --LSH
  16. Yes, must type quickly, because I know 'Chantra will do it! --LSH
  17. I am so sorry I didn't get a posting up last night. Something kept me from the computer. The Devil made me do it, if you will. --LSH, I said it would be good, not fast... :)
  18. ...And FUBAR. I would LOL, though. Posting soon, keep yer garters on. :) --LSH
  19. Hi there. Not dead, just busy with work and RL. Don't worry, I'll get a posting in the next day or so. --J.
  20. One prologue down, four dozen to go. Soon... I promise! --LSH
  21. I almost spit-taked my coffee as I read that, and suddenly had Don Rickle's voice in my head saying 'Who pays for *that* wedding!'. Keep up the good work! --LSH
  22. Actually, Orcs are an ancient and wise race. It's that you're seeing their raiders (usually young adults) hitting the coasts of the human lands. So if your only experience with a race os their angry 14 year olds, you'd think them all a bunch of barbarians, too! :) --LSh
  23. I sometimes do that. Or you can use psudo-html tags to indicate what's in what languages. I know I'm fond of using German to denote Dwarven speech. --LSH
  24. Heh. Mind, I'm all for harmony and what-not, this is a different world. And if Orc and Elf don't kill each other when they spot the other, it'll be a miracle. --LSH
  25. Yeah, he's good people, and I never have problems with a Cleric in the group. --LSH
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