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  1. I know for a fact that you must call them up to change email addresses. I had to do it myself, and unfortunatly their hours of operation are identical to my own work hours, so it makes things a touch difficult. Best as always. --Ol' Unkie Stormhammer
  2. All I can say is: That's the Bay Area for you. --LSH
  3. Unfortunatly, your friend is going to have to do that email address change. Also: It might be agains teh EULA to do such a thing. But I'm not here to tattle on you. Either way, best of luck. --LSH
  4. Yeah, it is pretty sweet. That and since I provide the gaming space, I run the game when I feel like it. I let some other chump... er, player run the game for me. :) --LSH
  5. See this? This is what I'm talking about. Just because someone is doing something you don't want to doesn't mean they're going to be sitting there like a lab rat hooked up to a pleasure machine. Seriously, this is what I was talking about in my prior posting. World of Warcraft is fun to play, but it's not crack. Relax, send an email if you miss your friend so much. Many of us have jobs and relationships and bills that we must keep up on. Besides, at my house, I'm where everyone goes when they want to do tabletop gaming. --LSH
  6. First of all; yes, that was funny. Secondly: Yes, we do run the world. That is all. --LSH
  7. Just as an aside: When people say they 'lost' someone to a game, that gets a might annoying. OTOH, it's possible they enjoy playing the game because it's up and running at five in the morning when the rest of the world isn't. Just wanna put that out there, lest I say something like 'WoW is possibly more interesting than some of the people I know'... --LSH, he kids because he loves.
  8. I'll tell you why the game is so addicting: It's 'pickup and play' ability. I can literally say "I wanna play some WoW before I grab some dinner", and you do. You actually can complete something in less than half an hour. You can (unlike other games) do a mission on your own. Each class has things to do besides 'push button, sip on your soda, wait for the monster to fall'. Visually, it is unlike any other RPG out there. There are low hills, gullys, streams. With a good video card, you can see birds floating in the distance. Yes, the game is addicting, and I will easily say that I enjoy playing it. The downsides are just like any other game, the people. Thankfully, there's a very useful /ignore command, so if some yahoo is giving you grief, he stops exhisting in your world. As for character models, yes, they get repetetive after a while, but when you play with your group, it doesn't matter so much. --LSH
  9. Yes, it's true. I do post here. Few and far between are my postings, but like all things in life, your patience will be rewarded. And yeah, this mini is awesome, despite what monkeys say. --LSH
  10. Just got this last night at the Gaming Store, and I love it. (On the other hand, the poo-flinging monkey behind the counter tried to tell me how Reaper makes its minis. Good thing I made a Will Save vs. Stupidity). --LSH
  11. I can say with pride that I learned to play CPunk from Maximum Mike Pondsmith himself. If I didn't have so damn much to do, I would easily join you in the Reindeer Games. Best of luck to you, and if you need answers, I have them. --LSH
  12. I am suprised Sci-Fi hasn't brought Firefly/Serenity into their folds with new episodes, but I think that's more of Fox's kung-fu-like grip on their rights. --LSH
  13. Yes, Warlock is a chuckle, and very quick once you get your Voidwalker (a pet you can summon and it keeps the critter's attention). Thinking of rolling one up and going down the Affliction/Demonology tree, just to check it out. Too many Destruction Warlocks out there. --LSH
  14. If you're looking for a class that you don't have to really worry about dealing with other people, look into Hunter. I loves my Hunter. --LSH
  15. That's cool, but the Cthulu gift that's hip this year is A Silent Film of Call of Cthulu on DVD. Just got this for a friend, I've seen the trailer, and it looks fantastic. --LSH
  16. The best way to describe World of Warcraft is that it is the best MMORPG that I have found. Ever. One of the best aspects of the game is that you can literally pick up and play it for an hour when you've nothing else to do, and feel you've gotten something acomplished. Also, and this really appeals to me, you can do any mission (short of a dungeon) on your own. You have no reason what so ever to deal with anyone you don't want to. The /ignore (name) command is oft-used in my daily romps through the game world. Yes, there are a lot of kids playing the game, you don't have to have them in your world. Yes, the community on their site is a shrivled up little thing compared to here, but I think it's more a matter of how their message board is put together. I will warn you, you will need a good to great Video Card and about 2 Gigs of RAM to walk around the higher population areas, but there's a new patch coming out in a few weeks that will place multiple auction houses in the cities, so a lot of people will be disbursed, which should help things out. PM me if you want more information. --LSH
  17. Damn straight you better get outta the way if I jump anywheres. :) But seriously, I would like to point out why many franchise tie-in books are terrible. The author uses that as his work. When he types, he better be making money. Publisher drags and drags and drags and finally tells the author 'OK, here's your deal, give us 400 pages in three weeks, here's the outline'. From there, he scratches his head and comes up with the story. Since he's only got a few weeks before he has to submit it, he does the best he can, keeps things simple, and hopes the publisher takes it. Let's not even mention editors, who love to ruin things. --LSH, veteran of bookstores.
  18. Yeah, I'll jump on the Zahn bandwagon and say that his 'Dark Force Rising' are the best SW Universe books out there. Especially with the layers and layers of ...stuff out there. --LSH
  19. Happy Turkey Day to everyone. Eat, Drink, Be Merry, etcetera. --LSH and his 23# bird.
  20. Bryan Singer effectively re-wrote the Superhero Genre. He literally made it a profitable venture. I often make jokes about Bryan Singer screaming to Halle Berry on the phone 'You're nothing without me! Nothing!!!', mostly because I know I'm right, in that respect. It is easy to 'back seat direct' a movie, but after seeing what Bryan's done as a director (which, by the by, includes 'The Usual Suspects'), I think I could be confidant in seeing his vision of the Flying Boy Scout. Now: If he'd only do Batman movies... --LSH
  21. Aaaw! That's when I get my Christmas Crack... um. I mean, Christmas Cheer... (yeah, covered that up pretty well)... :) --Best, --LSH
  22. Hey all. Well, I have a long list of greviences to air, and let's start with my favorite: 11-01-05, I saw xmas decorations up already, and *#&@ing Gift Certificate adds at all the places I eat. Isn't there some holiday (or two) that happen before that faux family feeling we're supposed to get at the 'holidays'? Personally, the best holiday I had was recieving goodies from my friends who knew what I liked, spending the day curled up with the cats, and a good book to read. There... venting over. Feel free to continue, albiet let's not take this to Beekeepers. --Best, --LSH
  23. Yeah, VGCats never fails to make me laugh. Those guys over at Penny Arcade have also done some grammar-correction for the masses. (Viewable here, here, here, and finally here). Note: While safe for work, the text therein might not be... --LSH
  24. You only live hand to mouth if you don't plan accordingly, and live within your means. Seriously, if you only make $20 a month, don't go racking up $2000 in credit card bills. This message brought to you by lstormhammer, bitter Financial Aid Counselor. 'lousy little ingrates'... :) --LSH
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