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  1. About bloody time. But seriously. In the books, James Bond was always a little ugly and cruel. It's about time we see an actor that looks the part. I've seen him in other films, and I know he can act. With a little luck, this will take the Bond Films out of their rut, and make them good again. ...Not Sean Connery good, but good none the less. --LSH. Shaken, not stirred.
  2. Best Jedi ever: Obi-Wan Kenobi, as played by Alec Guinness. I like Ewan a lot, but Alec is better. --LSH
  3. Don't I know it! But seriously, thank you. I plan on plenty of things today. --LSH, officially an Old Man.
  4. Well, first of all. I am very glad I wasn't there. For one thing, he would be charged with assault against her, and I would be charged for assault against him. Speaking as someone who *does* have knee pains, I know that when your joint makes a popping sound, its time to give it a rest. Seriously, we're talking bloody teeth on the floor when I was done with them. Nothing like pain to teach a dumb animal. I would go to the administration immediately over the incident. That is, as they say 'unacceptible behavior'. Now, I must go forth and vent the knee-jerk gut reaction of 'raaar! Female Injured! Stormhammer SMASH!'. --LSH
  5. That's a great job! Now I need to roll the character up for our Tabletop Champions game. --Rocket Corps Away! --LSH
  6. That's a good one. I think I have that monitor, though. In MMRPG game's defence, you don't have to wrestle someone to the ground and have them be the GM... --LSH
  7. ...Scotch Distillery. What? You wanted more? Moohoohaha! --LSH
  8. Yes, Erion. That's what has happened. Suffice to say, an otherwise sub-par day was elevated to 'fantastic'. --LSH
  9. First of all, I would like to thank Mister Moeller personally for taking his time and replying to me, not only here, but personally though the PM system. The next part of this missive will include me jumping around like a maniac and screaming my head off. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Aaah, much better Thanks for tolerating my Fanboy moment. Thank you. Suffice to say, 'tickled pink' doesn't begin to come close to how I feel right now. So terribly happy... --LSH
  10. See, first of all, this is why the Reaper Boards rock, and always have. We look out for each other. Secondly, this is *also* the reason I live out here in California. We don't have 'Earthquake Season'. You need anything, there are ways to contact me. --LSH
  11. You might want to check out The Winter King by Bernard Cornwell. Very well written Athurian in a diamond-hard Dark Ages europe. A delightful read. I've also mentioned said author's Sharpe's series, set in the Penninsula Campaign of the 1700's. --LSH
  12. INdeed, congrats. Nothing makes you feel better than cleaning out old, too-big wardrobe. --LSH
  13. OK, I was quick enough to turn away when I did the spit-take. I've just spend a good five minutes howling in laughter here in the Financial Aid Office. Thank *GODS* noone else was in here. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to clean my desk... again. --LSH
  14. First of all, very cool. Secondly, am I the only one who envisioned a large, angry man in plate armor running around a field? OK... maybe I am the only one. --LSH
  15. I dunno, I never read the manga. ;) Aside from a few exceptions I find most anime and manga to be rubbish. Oshii did the direction for the films. Oikura did character design as well. I'll check out Shirow, though. I highly reccomend Masamune's works. I thought a lot of Anime and Manga was 'rubbish' as well, but this stuff's good. The new movie is a lot better than the original one, but still not as good as the manga. --LSH
  16. Well, it's time to face facts. What I thought would be enough free time to work on postings has become scarce, indeed. I am going to have to put the game on hold until I can either create more hours in the day, or less [email protected] I have to deal with on a daily basis. I'm pretty bummed about this, as I have this great, rich world that we usually play my tabletop game in, and the fates have once again conspired against me on this one. --LSH
  17. Hi, all. I know this is getting old, but I've just spent three hours trying to make a posting, but *^%)amn it, I cannot write for beans. I'll review and make a posting Friday. --LSH
  18. Hey there. Still under the weather, but at work this time around. Going to have to skip one more posting, but I'lls tart up on Wednesday. --LSH
  19. There's waiting, and then there's 'are we there yet?' Woke up with a horrendious cough, so I think my inability to slap words together last night was a precursor to a cold. Gah... a cold, in August. Blargh... I'll try posting tonight, or tomorrow. --LSH
  20. Hi all. Unfortunatly, I don't like saying 'but it's crap', but this time it is. I also hate saying 'I'm sorry' all the time, so I shall instead say 'thank you for your patience as our patented typography machine is having difficulties interfacing with our Muse'. I'll try for friday for you all... --LSH, ham-fisted typing monkey
  21. Does this mean I'll finally be able to own one of those 'real' Hummvees, and not the 'hummer' so often seen on the road in Tonka-Yellow? --LSH
  22. Hi all, Monday's posting is here. Enjoy. --begin-- The barkeep does his best to bring order back to his establishment and his livelihood. Straightening tables and setting chairs to right, he brings his wide broom out to clean the shattered crockery, rags to sop up spilled beers, and other such things as a Innkeep must do. He grudgingly thanks the group assembled, but admonishes that they will return, and in numbers. Roderick darts out the door to his own devises, not all who wander are unattached and free to walk the earth as they so please. Rul is indeed correct, and the taste of the ale sits bitter on Oskarr's tongue. The Elf has done amazingly with his wound, but savage man or no, a Dwarf has his pride. If not for the Constable entering, Oskarr could have easily taken them all, or so says the Dwarf's pride. Aulustrianna has the worst time, for her body has had its measure of rest and she does little but fidgit and squirm, her thoughts to a pale fur'd wolf in her home of green. That, and her nose is assailed by the prodigious wind created by the Dwarf. It is nature's blessing that drink is given to Man, Elf, and Dwarf alike, but moderation in everything. Time passes slowly in the Inn, shadows eventually lengthen and yawn, stretching across the wood flooring. Roderick returns, flush faced and almost eager for whatever happens. His voice equally eager for their adventure to be about. A small rucksack over his shoulder and a smile on his features. His youthful enthusiasm infecting the room. The barkeep is a little more pragmatic. “They'll be back... always are...” he grumbles, a worn rag cleaning a mug as an almost automatic action... --End-- --LSH
  23. Hello, all. Again, I'm terribly sorry for no posting on Friday. Had to take care of business in Real Life. I promise a nice posting on Monday, and I'll do my best to postpone long enough so everyone can post, but I'm looking to posting monday night around 7:30/8pm (PST) --LSH
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