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  1. TOnight's posting has been interrupted by Real Life. This is getting long in the tooth... Please feel free to RP through the weekend (those of you that can), and I'll be posting on Monday. --LSH
  2. ...says the man who wants Werner Klocke to be president... http://babelfish.altavista.com/ --LSH
  3. Oh, and gotta Give my ups to my peeps in lockdown. --LSH
  4. Yes, but who shall be the True Master... --LSH
  5. Hi, all. Well, the ol' noggin's going overtime of late, and I went to look for an old RPG book of mine, only to find it's been gone for a while. I want a copy of Faerie, Queen and Country, and I'm willing to trade/barter for it. If anyone has a copy, that would be fantastic (yes, I know I can download it online, but I like the feeling of a proper paper RPG book, ya know?) --LSH
  6. Posting's up, enjoy. And I thought that little bit at the end was funny... --LSH
  7. Hi, all. Here's the posting, only about an hour late. Mmm, homemade fried chicken... --begin-- With the booming voice of the Constable, the fight has come to an immediate halt. His weathered features look over each of the participants, his gaze brooking no argument from anyone. The Hin's words ring true to the Constable, but even Piggy calls out. “Hey now! That's not fair, is it! We were sitting here, minding our own business when short and stumpy here attacked us. If you didn't arrive, Ser, we would be in worse shame. Look at Johan's leg!” And indeed, Johan holds his leg tightly, his teeth set tight to ward off the pain. “If anything,” Piggy says, “You should be holding these Dwarves for attackin' us! Look wha' happened to Caleb!” Sadly for Oskarr, the battle strength that was once his to command has left his blood. Bones like stone make his motions clumsy and akward, stumbling as though thick with drink. His growl at the brigands comes off more as a tired old bear than a powerful lion. Roderick, still as a hunted hare can see the thick armored form of the Constable and a smaller shape behind him at the door. But the battle is over, and he can begin to relax... until his Da realizes where he's been, and what happened here... The Druid's sharp green eyes see that the most injured one in the room is Johan and his leg. The unconscious form of Caleb hidden behind the thick wooden table. Her eyes go wide a moment as she sees the same red sashes on the Men behind that table as are worn by the Men currently destroying her forest! The Constable wiggles his mustache a moment, then comes to a decision. “Right, then. Wryn. Get Johan to the apothecary and looked at, and I don' want to see you around here for a while.” Piggy Wryn nods and helps his friend limping to the door. In the struggle to help Johan, Wryn glares dangerously at the two Dwarves, a soft spitting sound from his lips as he murmurs to the pair of them. “Wir werden nicht getan. Sie bluten für diese Beleidigung “ But further comments are cut off by the Constable's loud barked order for Wryn and his associate to leave. “Wha' about Caleb!” the Constable replies “Leave'm for now, he's probably thick with drink, anyways...” Wryn nods humbly to the Constable and drag-carries his friend out the door, expecting no help, and refusing any aid offered. “Now then...” the Constables says to those remaining in the Inn. “We've come to enjoy our peace and quiet here in Apple, and we intend to keep it. So keep up these shennanigans, and I'll lock you up proper. Drink your drinks, mind your peace, and we'll get along fine.” he turns to the door, nodding to the Elf and letting the Innkeep finally enter his establishment once again. He pauses, turning and a final glower goes directly to Roderick. “And boy, tell yer Da I said hello.” --End-- Combat's over, there's one brigand unconscious, the others have left, the Innkeep's back, and you can feel free to RP for a moment or two... --LSH
  8. Hi all. planning on a posting tonight, see you all then. --LSH
  9. I got into it from my elementary school days. I played an Elf with a morning star that would shoot out fire every time I used it. Suffice to say, I've gotten a lot better since then. [Yoda Voice] Yes, the Nerd is strong with this one.... [/Yoda Voice] --LSH
  10. I still have my old school Monster Manual. I had a great laugh in it, reciently. Turns out the old version of a Balrog had only a +1 Longsword. --LSH
  11. That's some fine fancy painting there. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to gouge my eyes out and say 'Liberata tetu mei ex inferis'. I kid, it's beautiful, very well done... --LSH
  12. Bah, I can roll with anything you give me... Well, maybe not The Terrasque, but that's aside the point... Lessee... How to bring my Halfling Wizard into the game... Or I can do something else... We'll see. --LSH
  13. Good good... the incubation process is complete. Begin World Domination... --Ol' Unkie Stormhammer
  14. Bah! You kids and your THAC0s! Back in my day, the Elf was a CLASS! Yes, I've literally been playing that long... --LSH, old school.
  15. To dust off the joke from days of yore: Orkland Raiders all the way! Ork!Ork!Ork! --LSH
  16. Well, Stern. You wanna torment me, step on up and run a game. --LSH
  17. Funny you should mention Seppuku. I have the Emerald Empire of Nippon in my game, and they're expansionistic in my universe. Better for them to hold the silk trade by invading the Empire of Chin. That, and the half-orc mongolians are giving everyong grief. But that's aside the point. the Emerald Empire have a sizable showing in New Newporttown... mostly, so I can play Samurai should I feel like it. --LSH
  18. Meh... I have my talents. Besides, I don't want to tip my hand early... --LSH ....Better?
  19. Yes, Roderick is acting exactly like real people do in stressful situations. But worry not, I have so many, many plans for you all... Yes, even Yosemite Sam over there. Moohoohaha!!!! --LSH
  20. IIIIIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii hates Orces.... Sorry, had to say it... --LSH
  21. Hey all. Posting is up, Constable is here. And E can post her character rushing in, should she so choose. Finally, the characters are together... --LSH
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