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  1. Hi, all. Sorry about no posting on Friday, I was a baudy little monkey... --begin-- Oskarr's blades bite deep into the brigand's flesh, a yelp of pain his reward for his efforts. The Human's leg opens up badly, forcing the Human to grasp at the wounded leg, his own knife clattering to the floor. Piggy turns his attentions to the berserker Dwarf, his own knife striking out and kissing Oskarr's scalp, blood begins to drip into Oskaar's eyes, the world tinged in sticky red, the coppery taste touching his tongue. Rul's second strike upon his foe has done him in. A solidly placed slam with the weighted sap abruptly takes his enemy to the land of dreams. The music ended, Essieu's flying crockery hits with remarkable accuracy, if not enough speed to do real harm. His victim is none other than Piggy himself, he turns and with glaring eyes and clenched teeth, utters “You're next, halfling.” A flying chair misses the Hin by scant inches, flying debris just scratching Essieu's clothes and skin. Roderick seems the only sane one left, scooting clear of the fracas, he is the first to hear the heavy boots thumping determinedly into the room. A booming voice cuts through the activities. “HALT IN THE NAME OF THE CROWN!” A tall man in a heavy breastplate, the cudgel of office in his heavy hand, a walrus-like mustache that would make any Dwarf proud, his head shorn and shining in the light. The constable has arrived, and his dark brows are knotted together. “Fighting at this hour?!? Don't you have fields to be tending?” he says, his voice like a greatfather admonishing his children's children. It would seem that Apple has need for only one constable, and among drunken peasants and farmers, one is enough. -- Aulustrianna the Druid's aggressors have left her at the forest's edge, her sharp elven senses can pick out the red of their sashes for a few moments before the forest dwelling ne'er-do-wells slip deeper into the woods. She is safe, for the moment. And her wolf knows the Old Ways, he will never be seen by them until he wishes it so. Indeed, the Druid sees the innkeep rushing out in a fluster, waving and pointing. A great, tall Man with shaved head and giant mustache pulls his cudgel from his belt, and strides into the Inn, the sound of cracking woodwork heralding his presence. A fight is happening in the Inn, and the Elf's sharp ears pick out threads of Dwarven being bandied about in the fracas... --End-- --LSH
  2. I am so terribly sorry for yesterday's absence. Not only did RL call, RL brought over friends and general goofing off. I have no excuse to provide, and I feel bad for not even contacting you all. I will make a nice posting on Monday after I read everyone's postings. I shall spend the rest of the day under a small rock writing... --LSH
  3. Sorry about that, guys. RL called. I'll get something up in a bit (saturday) --LSH
  4. Hey there. Planning on a posting tonight, but we'll see. I know I'm expecting company over, so with a little luck, I'll have my cake and eat it, too... --LSH
  5. Yeah, looks like a hiccup with the frames, or what-have-you. *breaks out the Kit-Signal...* --Commissioner LSH
  6. Hi, all. Here's the posting. Made a quick posting for QS as well, as he had not posted yet. Enjoy. --begin-- Oskarr makes the most notable impression upon these brigands. His bestial roar and assault upon their table brings their attention to him. His ferocity knows no bounds as he leaps up the table, large, heavy knives being shoved into the thick wood. Alas, such sharp weapons are meant for slicing, not stabbing, and he gouges the wood, instead of climbing up and over it. For his reward, Oskarr receives a short, sharp punch to his head from one of the brigands. Thankfully, the Dwarf's thick skull does little but absorb the impact, but it is still felt. As the three watch Oskarr attack, the second Dwarf slips past the thick table, his leather-wrapped weight whipping up and in an arc to strike with surprise. Rul is accurate with his stroke, crashing down on the Man's neck, causing him to stagger suddenly. Piggy snaps around suddenly, dashing his knife out viper-quick at Rul but too slowly he twists the blade, catching naught but air. Crashing crockery breaks Essieu's dexterous display! Roderick was caught completely off-guard by the table's upending, and he staggers back, bumping into tables and the Hin! The cool, wet splash of ale surprises the Human as he rights himself to see the fight beginning before him. -- In the forest, the air remains cool under mighty shaded boughs. The moment of forest magic brings with it a cool misty haze, a fog surprisingly thick for this time of day. Another arrows flies towards Aulustrianna , but it is as a bird on the wing, high through the air to miss her completely. As she dashes through the remaining forest towards the clearing before her, the sounds of her pursuers grows quieter with each step. Soon, she can see the light farmlands surrounding Apple, the golden seas of grain swaying in the light breeze. The sun still in the air, she is watched by farmhands who pause in their harvesting duties when they see the Elf and her wolf... --End-- --LSH
  7. My bad. For further clarification, the postings will be Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Need to eat something now before I go completly loopy... --LSH
  8. Oh, bother Looks like I have to make a posting tonight after all... :) --LSH
  9. That, and the Koreans *LOVE* Starcraft. But to quote George Carlin: "This man does not represent me..." --LSH
  10. Did I say tuesday? I thought I was doing M/W/F... I know I'll be posting tonight, at the very least. Last night I was out doing the Beer and Pool thing. Loads of fun... --LSH.
  11. doh! I did see it. It was one of those 'I'll reply to this later' things, then penguins with flamethrowers arrived, claimed sovernity over the artic circle, and began attacking Canada... crazy day, all around. You can certinly look through them, if you want. But as for feats and skills out of them, I'm going to have to pass. I am doing my best to keep everyone using the same books (PHB and DMG), so when we start bringing obscure text from the farthest corners of the world, we start getting a lot of 'how the hell did they do that?' into the game. --LSH
  12. Took me a moment to translate that greek, but on the whole, very cool visual effect for your spellcasting. Yes, I will need to know your skills and saves so that I can know exactly how much of a bonus you get when I'm rolling for you. And don't worry, you'll see a *lot* of misses from the enemies. Close-calls are more terrifying than hits. Moohoohaha! --LSH
  13. If there's something I know, it's how to provoke a Dwarf. Stern, are you literally trying to climb over the table, or running around it? I saw in your posting you were using your Kukri as icepicks. So to me that looks like a Climb check. --LSH Postscript: E, I didn't see anything about Druid's Animal Companions being able to summon like-creatures to their aid. The only thing close to it would be a 7th level Wizard ability for their Familars to talk to animals of their kind (ie: Cats and Bats and what have you). In the words of Kevin Kline in 'Wild, Wild West': "And now we run...." --LSH
  14. Monday night, posting's up. Next posting tuesday unless you need clarification. Enjoy that spit, Stern. :) --LSH
  15. Hi, all. Sorry about the delay getting this to you, but I like it. We're pretty much in combat rounds in the Inn, but more story-based in the Forest. Yes, it might seem time's running a little wierd, but hey, it's my world and I'll tell the story. :D --Begin-- Essieu's nimble fingers pluck out a lively tune. Even with the blood rising to the occasion, he fills the companion's hearts with courage enough to battle these rough men. Any other time than now, this would be an enjoyable tune to listen to, worthy of country faire or light-hearted competition. Low growls come from Oskarr, in each hand a gleaming sharp curved blade. His challenge does not go unanswered as each man acts with familiarity of their surroundings. A swift kick sends their table to its side, creating an impromptu yet sturdy pavise for the three to be covered by. This sudden movement has cause Roderick and Rul's table to skitter a few feet away. Of the three men, each pulls out wicked sharp blades, each the length of a forearm, dark with age but their edges catch the light of the inn. They hold their blades close in, but their off-hand out away from them. Each hunkers down a little, keeping their weight on the balls of their feat. Eyes search out the room, not just the threatening Dwarf who comes closer to them. The piggy-eyed one spits over their emplacement, a well-aimed gob of spittle strikes Oskarr's cheek and he gets a good laugh. “More where that came from, half-man!” they chortle to themselves. These brigands are ready for whatever comes their way. Now is seen why these three chose this very seat near the corner of the room. With the table up-turned so, they leave little way for any would-be attacker to come for them except one route around the table, unless a madman would climb over their emplacement. The Innkeep rolls his eyes and knows the fight is to happen. He drops his bar rag and with suprising speed and agility for his advanced years, bolts for the still-open door, his shouts loud enough to gain what little constabulary there is in Apple, but even they will take their time coming into this fracas. -- In the forest, the Druid's first warning is the soft whistle of air moving, then the solid thunk of arrow hitting the trunk of an old Oak not a handspan from her head. Her wolf companion barks in suprise, matching the Druid's own call of alarm. Turning back to the originator of that attack, she sees one a Man in the forest, his steps crude and awkward compared to her own light steps. Already he's drawing bead upon her, ready to loose another arrow. Diving behind that Oak, she knows that the village will help her, but with this pursuit, will she get there in time. Her advantages are few, she knows this land well, and the land gives its thanks to her in the bounty of spells she may cast, but if the entirety of the encampment is following her, then she must make with all haste to the village. ...But does she have enough of a lead on these ruffians? --End-- There's three ruffians with daggers in the Inn, they've kicked their table over so if you attack them, you must climb over the table (climb or tumble check) or come at them around the table. Your call. --LSH
  16. If you so feel like it, you certinly may. I personally love using Bablefish for giving flavor to the written adventures. --LSH
  17. Yes, played by Tim Curry. Bisexual transvestite mad scientist. No, really. That's what he is... --LSH
  18. OK, that was funny. Had I a little more time, I would see about finding a good Frankenfurther pic off the DVD and posting it here. --LSH
  19. Morning, all. Planning on posting first thing when I get home tonight. ~7-7:30pm PST --LSH
  20. Hey all. More RL today, going to have to scrub until Monday. Promise a posting then. ...LSH, back to his old habits...
  21. Only now getting back, sorry about that. Qwyk, I have a way to keep you involved, but out of the fight. Worry not. As for E, she'll clearly be out of the scene in the tavern, but I'll whip something up for her... --LSH
  22. sadly, RL is calling, I will post Saturday --LSH
  23. Yes, QS. All times are Pacific. Which means 8-10PM Eastern. I've tried posting in the mornings, and it just doesn't come out as well. Something about coffee lets me wake up, but not engage my brain. (Which is scary, as I work in the Financial Aid Office...) --LSH
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