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  1. I think a big reason behind not using the ruleset from Crypt and Cavern is likely because that ruleset is mathematically bonkers. Wildly swingy and unforgiving. I have no skin in the game, and have only looked at DD, not played it yet, but at a glance it appears to enjoy the relative mathematical stability of bounded accuracy. Better math does not necessarily equal better gaming, but bad math can turn a good game bad quickly.
  2. This post/thread has good data on liner primers: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/70701-brown-liner/&do=findComment&comment=1432497
  3. I love the hogmen, that’s a winner. 3D printing? What’s the material and method? Definitely a surprise, and not what I pledged for. Reaper hasn’t ever done me wrong before, so I guess we’ll wait and see how this cookie crumbles.
  4. Order received. Condition is good, packaging is gratuitous, quality is fine. Had these arrived anywhere close to on-time, I’d be thrilled. As is, in the time that’s passed from order to delivery, my standards of quality have become more stringent. My collection has grown to the point that “just ok” is not good enough for me anymore, in terms of sculpt quality and trueness to scale. I wonder if FS2 will ever actually show up...
  5. I predict the next few BoG rounds will see quite a few Blacklist minis making their way into the boxes.
  6. Finally got shipping notification. Due Monday 1/16 in Portland, OR. So just over 1000 days late...
  7. $31 to Portland, OR. I think these are going up for sale as soon as they arrive. Bad psychometry in the plastic.
  8. @Broonkah box is en route to @Disserrma haven’t yet decided on an excuse for the delay, but I’ll let y’all know as soon as I figure it out...
  9. @Broonkah box is in hand. Will try to get it moving again by tomorrow.
  10. My dragons and paints arrived today. I am totally clearing the unpainted models off my desk to make room for these new unpainted models! I am gonna dig that little raccoon guy out of the fan faves box. He’s getting painted and playing d&d with us this weekend.
  11. I'm in. Oregon, USA. No international, can't start. Thanks for the effort, @Chaoswolf
  12. If you’re half as ditzy as me, remember to check the second email address you had to set up because of reaper’s “each pledge manager needs its own email” policy.
  13. Just got shipping notice from UPS via email. No boat (regrettably) on my order. Due Wednesday (NW Oregon).
  14. Any word on the second container? I know it’s reapercon season, so I don’t expect much communication. But still. Anyone heard anything?
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