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  1. This was a really fun thing to do. Looking forward to the next one!
  2. Is this an appropriate place to look for a game/group? I’m really interested in playing DDRPG, but my regular group is stuck in a 5e rut. Online or local to Portland, OR metro.
  3. I’m really excited for the Fey stuff, but the scarabfolk from Hakir are so cool and different to anything else I have, they are my most anticipated models (at the moment, 2024 is a long while away).
  4. I’m gonna give it a Groucho Marx nose/glasses, and a fez, and a leopard skin coat, and play Digital Underground as it makes its appearance on the battle map. Do the Humpty Flumph, got to do the Humpty Flumph.
  5. Someone in the KS comments made a comment about getting the chibi goblins in order to paint them up all psychedelic, and have their players get hit with some kind of mushroomy hallucinogen before encountering them. And I think that's a neat enough idea to maybe try them out. We'll see what else pops up in the pledge manager.
  6. I ABSOLUTELY do not want to get into a debate here, but I would like to point out that I, as a human, might have a high degree of difficulty in determining a bugbear's gender without some very thorough inspection. I can't tell male from female at a glance for many species (including both bugs AND bears).
  7. I am also baffled by the popularity of chibis. The style is just not for me. That said, I also don’t go in for the grimdark/40k/gargantuan shoulderpads aesthetics, either. And it seems both are hugely popular. Strokes/folks. My venerable and sagely uncle has mocked the “heroic” minis I bring to the table for having giant hands. He makes fun of the eyes, too, but I’m pretty sure that’s a dig at my painting rather than the models. Googly gogglers, he calls them. “It’s like the lovechild of Marty Feldman and Johnny Bench”.
  8. I don't think that's weird at all. I love the idea of mini that's been hiding in a drawer for years getting a new chance at some table action and a fresh coat of paint.
  9. You grabbed Radak Doombringer! I was worried nobody would want any pre-paints. Glad he found a new home.
  10. I, for one, welcome our fishy new masters. That dragon is pretty dope, too. The deal has been altered. My wallet prays it is not altered any further.
  11. I'd be an all-in backer for cowboys, modern noir, and/or cyberpunk. Within reason.
  12. I haven’t seen the mummy cat yet, but I already know I love it. The scarabfolk are really exciting, especially the mounted merchant. It seems like the beast is gonna be pretty big.
  13. He did! Didn't even make that much of a mess on my desk. To be fair, that AP Speed Paint does quite a bit of the heavy lifting, but he's going to be out-painting me in no time.
  14. First painted mini from the box: Courtesy of my 8-year-Old and Army Painter Speed Paint. He started without me! He told me I can do the eyes and base...
  15. Chaoswolf Box is en route to Disserma as of 1300hrs 5/2/22!
  16. While I understand that you’re referring to isopropyl alcohol, the phrase “3D printing requires gallons of IPA” makes me chuckle from up here in PNW über-hopped beervana.
  17. Confession time: I’m bad at painting. I’m slow, and I have a lot of trouble getting motivated to start. But I love minis. And I love gaming. I have more minis than I will ever be able to paint, and lots of minis end up on my table unpainted. Because I game. A lot. I run games for an after-school program. I run games at home for my own kid’s group. I run games one-on-one with my youngest son. I run games for myself and my friends. I run a game for my wife and another group. This kind of ks campaign is exactly what I need. Tons of disparate models. Lots of PCs/NPCs. Because who knows what these jokers are going to want on the table? Who knows what I’m going to need? So I collect every possible option. Sometimes, life permitting, I’ll paint up PCs or an important bad guy or monster. But most of the time I’m pulling gray minis from a box 15 minutes before the dice drop. All that to say, I have no complaints whatsoever about this Kickstarter. I didn’t know what I wanted, and Reaper gave it to me exactly.
  18. Oh, man. Those faerie dragons are so good! I wasn’t planning on two Briarvales, but maybe... (Buy three sets!)
  19. They have tails, but most of them are wrapped around a leg. I imagine this is to facilitate the mold/assembly process.
  20. My pulls: anybody know what the guy on the far left is all about? I wrote it down as “seafood golem”...
  21. And the walrus can be put on a flight base, and with a little knife-work, add some hard-mount points to the shoulders for a grenade launcher and a minigun, then just slap on the HUD visor and... what?
  22. Oh, I like it. Lots of classic monsters being reimagined, redesigned. I’m a fan of the design direction.
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