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  1. The M.E.O.W. agents made me laugh IRL. In the doctor's office waiting room. Oops.
  2. I'm hoping they have some more physical products in here. I've no need for digital maps, but I do enjoy supporting Loke.
  3. They definitely made the sizes better in those images. I'm kind of excited again for these. The sculpts have always been decent.
  4. I hope this ends up being enough. I really liked the minis from FS1, and I'm patient enough that, as long as I get these, I will be happy. But... I will also never trust like I used to lol
  5. Yeah, Base Boss has been struggling, and it's hard me to understand. It seems like such a smaller project and undertaking... Still, I'm thrilled to be getting stirges. I hope they don't keep adding amazing things to Bones 6 for me to keep being excited to buy! /Sarcasm
  6. I was kind of surprised that they're offering singles again, as it seemed like they were suggesting it was a huge logistical hassle last time. I didn't grab any this time. Just my pledge, but I'm fine with that too. I like the Fantasy Favorites options.
  7. Why do those stirges tempt me so? Gah.
  8. Alright, I am in. If nothing else so I can build my own minis and have an actual bits collection for the future. But strangely enough, I'm not into the SSGs at all. Huh.
  9. I think I'm in for this now. If nothing else, it looks like great value. I'm a bit worried because this will be my first "assembly required" minis. But I assume it'll be fine. I have clippers and craft knives.
  10. To those who have gotten their stuff before, what kind of quality are their minis? I'm not 100% sold on this one yet -- and I'm not sure why. This seems like it is up my alley... but I'm yet to be convinced. I mean, what $100 for a Novice, right? (And $30 more for S&H eventually.)
  11. Yeah, based on that preview, I'll definitely be spending $40+ next month.
  12. I think I'm in on this. I appreciate the attempt to create a new system that's close to 5e but better at older styles of play. I admit, I'm excited for the potential. I also like her modules a lot, so I don't mind seeing what else she's got brewing.
  13. Yeah, that Giantess figure is one of my favorites, honestly. Already used her in a session (Jarlmoot in Rime of the Frostmaiden), and it was a huge hit! A real shame these guys struggled through this campaign's delivery, because I love the minis. 😕
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