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  1. I went in on basically everything I thought I would (Core, Fey, Denizens, Chaarondar, Anni, Lizardmen, Phoenix set), but now that we're in another month or so... I may end up getting more. The value is there. And don't I need those hellborn heroes? Don't I need those gruff and cuddly bugbears? What's not to like from the gnolls? What's really blowing my mind is that I'm very back and forth on the giantess all of a sudden. Who knows what next paycheck may bring?
  2. So I just put 80 extra into the PM that I hadn't pledged during the KS. Oh well. Worth it for the price and quality! What are the odds of them adding extras to the PM now? I'm not sure how much more I can afford to save! Lol
  3. North Carolina, continental US
  4. So, as a KS newbie looking to spend several hundred on this pledge manager, what can I expect for shipping costs? Guss I'm trying to budget better. I'm definitely in for Core, 2 expansions, and at least 3 add-ons. Just wondering if any vets have insight, because the stuff at the bottom of the KS page just confused me lol
  5. I've said it a couple times before, but it bears repeating I think because it shows how vastly different the perspective can be for people with different histories: This was my first Bones KS, and I absolutely loved it. I'm currently on the hook for less than I will end up paying (due to what I learned about how the Pledge Manager will work...) but I really thought this was fun. Yes, it was a bit slow in the middle, but anything that pulls $1.8+million seems like a good KS to me, regardless of past KS performances. Here are my closing thoughts on the minis, for those who care -- and because I want to put it out here! Yeah! Also, Long Post Warning? DEFINITELY GETTING + Core set --> the value here is insane, and even if I don't particularly need all of them, the amount I'd pay at retail for just a fraction of this is too much for me to pass on. My favorite pieces: Bog Shambler (22015), Asandris Nightbloom (22026), Dreadmere Catalina (22056), Brinewind Angelica (22067), Werebear (22087), Eyelick Newt (22099), and Ranger Raptorkin (22111). -- And yes, I have a thing for well designed female minis. I also don't have enough of them for my players, of which 60% are female (and more like to RP one). + Briarwood Vale --> I knew this would be mine the moment they teased the fairy dragons. Everything about this spoke to me. Then they revealed Shimmerscale... I mean, it's just one of the neatest dragons I'll ever own. Right beside... + Anniversary Dragon --> Do I need to explain why this thing is amazing? AND it comes with a death knight? OH, it comes with two? FFS yes. Shut up and take my money. + Chaarondar --> I'm a sucker for dragons, and I love that this is a different style of pose from the norm. The more upright, aggressive, less bestial nature? I love it. + Storm Giant Queen --> As soon as I saw her, I knew I needed her. Like, I need this one. I loved the beautiful regality of this sculpt when I saw it teased. Glad they got rid of the armor nipples. Even George Clooney couldn't pull that off, and he was Batman! POSSIBLY GETTING ~ Egg of the Phoenix --> I like the idea of this set. I like the salamanders, because they're rarer minis, and these sculpts are fun. I love that freaking Flame Drake! The turnaround on it and the flying carpet have probably sent me over the edge on this one. I also really like that Levid is a non-typical looking character. This is likely to be up there with Denizens as my first addition to the Pledge Manager over what I paid in the KS. Denizens of the Dungeon --> I am very much on the fence about this. I like the little norkers (not needs though). The hyenadon is fun. I will never have enough spiders, given my tendency to throw entire swarms of them at my players... and the SLUG and BOTH WYVERNS are amazing! Maybe I want the trolls. They could be useful. The orcs suffer from the same "I have double HeroQuest" problem, though I do like that they're clearly a squad. Demilich I want. Flumph I want. but the others... meh? SO when I do the math looking at this, I really should get this expansion. Why haven't I committed to it yet? I truly don't know, and that moment of pause is something I need to consider. ~ Hellborn Heroes --> I'm not sure about these. I do like the sculpts (especially that top left cleric!). I know they're a good deal at this price. I also know how hard good not-Tiefling minis are to find. I will probably get these once I've gotten another paycheck. ~ Lizardfolk --> These guys feel similar to me as the Hellborn: useful enemies that could also be monstrous PC races. The shaman sculpt speaks to me for some reason, and since I also really like the Clubber and Axer (that's what I think of the Tyrant as), I will likely get these. ~ Bugbears --> I realllllllllly love the sculpts here. ALL of them have so much personality and flair! I can't tell whether Grumpf or Klogg is my favorite. I do wish they had more PC-friendly weaponry, especially since Bugbears are one of the monstrous races my players love to run. But this one is only 5 figures for the same price as the Hellborn. That puts them lower in my priority list, sadly. DEFINITELY NOT GETTING - The Green Griffin --> Since the first adventure I ever wrote was set in a bar, I've crafted my own bar terrain/scatter. Many of the minis still speak to me, with my highlights as: Briggley, Miss Rose, Cap'n Dimitri, and Liriel (I love bards). But there's just too much terrain here dragging my perceived value down. - Shadows of Sullenhall --> Maybe it's just that I really don't want all the terrain, because I'm noticing a trend in my "definitely not" list. This one also has the downside of being heavily undead themed, and that is one of the few places where I DO have tons of minis already... thanks to having the original HeroQuest game and the recent rerelease as well. I do think the wraith mini is cool, and I may end up grabbing the sexy ghost at retail. The rest are cool but just not for me. - Lost Tombs of Hakir --> I totally dig the vibe and coherence of this set. I love the timing it has currently with Moon Knight too. The sculpts are all really neat, with many being downright beautiful or imposing. This is totally up someone's alley. Just not mine. Also, I just really don't need or want big terrain. What I do use, I've mostly already made for myself. - Paints --> I play with blank plastic minis. I do not paint, and I will not paint. It's not something I am good at, and I don't want to spend the time to get good at it. Besides, I have no problem playing with unpainted minis. Am I jealous of those of you with the time, energy, experience, and skill to have beautiful minis? Yes. Will that ever be me? Nope. - Gnolls --> I just don't need 6 gnolls for $14. My money is going elsewhere, and there's nothing in there I desperately need. I do really like the sculpts on the greataxe and dual-wielding ones. - Men at Arms --> A really cool idea, but I don't need to pose my minis myself. Also, I've got a fair number of guard types already (or coming in the core set). I'm good. - Chibis --> I love that they're making these, but they are 100% not for me. I have bought many of the Pathfinder regular minis Reaper has made at retail. I don't want chibi proportions. - Orcs of the Ragged Wound --> I think, if I'm going to get any of this (admittedly badass) set, it'll be in the Denizens. I prefer those sculpts to these. - Talons of Winterfall --> Such a neat idea for an encounter. I do really like the mother owlbear figure, and I find that those kinds of minis are hard to find. But that's really the only piece of this set that I want, and she's just not worth $18 to me alone. Hopefully she'll come to retail someday. - Lighthouse --> This was not for me. It's another big piece of terrain. Even though I love that it started as a meme, and it's a KS exclusive, I don't care. I rarely if ever have FOMO, and this won't do it for me. I do love the Slaughterwalrus as a concept. Even Mirch's concept art looks neat. - Goblins of Rotstump Bog --> For some reason this does not speak to me at all. Goblins fall into the "double HeroQuest" curse. The bigger dude is ugly (in that great way), but not great for me. The stirges are nice, but I'll get them (and probably only them) at retail. - All the extras --> I'm already getting the Core Set, and trust me when I say the timing on those wolves is way too late. I literally spent $50 last month creating a wolf pack for my players. I needed 20ish. (Yes, I am an evil DM at times.) So I've already got them. So it goes.
  6. That triple barbarian unlock looks so good. Reaper is very good to their customers.
  7. Where was this surge of spending hours ago? Or days? Eesh. It's hard to keep up. We may actually be at 1.79m by the time I finish typing this.
  8. Ok, this may feel silly, but the "YUM!" Thought bubble on the oxidation beast in the core set image makes my day!
  9. I'm kind of impressed with Reaper's willingness to continue to tweak the KS as it's winding down. Combining those stretch goals is awesome for us customers, and it means I may actually end up pledging for the Denizens after all. I mean, the more I look at the sculpts, the more I'm drawn in. And there really ARE several things in there I don't have. (Like that brilliant flumph.) I don't know. I have spent so much money on retail prices... And these are markedly lower. It's like... can I afford to keep saving? Lol
  10. That shaman is so new and different for me. I have some lizardfolk already (don't we all?), but that shaman... I do not have that. The others are also solid!
  11. Just shows you all have good taste! CVP knows her audience... and her anatomy. 😉
  12. That snake demoness is freaking amazing. And the more they add to the Core, the more enticing it is for newcomers.
  13. I really like the desert-themed heroes, but the rest of Hakir isn't for me. I can see them being very appreciated by others though. When it comes to the dungeon dwellers, I'm not sure yet. The wyverns are amazing. I already liked the slug. I can totally use a demilich or those trolls. But I absolutely don't need more orcs... I'm still on the fence.
  14. I really like that turnaround on the carpet. It was smart to make a 1-inch base for in the middle too. Just all around good. I'm probably grabbing that set now.
  15. I thought the lighthouse was like a joke. Like a meme that just kept going. Then they did this and made it real. I just don't know what to think lol
  16. This guy could also easily be a later or final part of the Denizens expansion. He looks like something awesome at the bottom of a dungeon.
  17. That 30th Anniversary Dragon sure resulted in a nice bump! We're already at $1,127,500! We have gained like 20k since that announcement lol
  18. I do wish someone would sculpt real PC options for bugbears. Like, the most common PC weapons are daggers, 1h swords, 2h swords, and 2h axes. Why is it so hard to find bugbear minis wielding those?? Let players be monstrous too!
  19. Two new nice previews. I'm super psyched by the bugbears. Probably going in on that. And I'll love getting the salamanders in the Core, which I'm already definitely getting!
  20. I will admit that I never consciously noticed the propatagium before, but now I can't unsee them! Here are the dragon wings I have been making from scratch. I guess I have some anatomical fixing to do!
  21. I'm looking at the new stuff, and I'm actually a bit perplexed. I have a feeling I'm in for the Denizens. It has promise. Just nothing really demanding me to grab it yet (unlike what the fae did). Hakir I'm not excited for yet. I see those giant dudes, and they just aren't it for me for some reason. I can't explain it. Maybe Egyptian isn't my thing. I don't know ... The 30th dragon, though. That WILL be mine. Unquestionably. My wife will hate me, but I don't care lol.
  22. Agreed. That is one limitation of the KS format that frequently irks me. I love that Reaper had been giving us close-ups as a result.
  23. I'm givin' it all I've got, Cap'n. I don't have the dollars!
  24. Hey, hey, hey, can we talk about the fact that the campaign broke a million? That's a pretty huge milestone, even if it IS slower than previous Bones campaigns. A million dollars is still impressive!
  25. I like their stuff, but the price is a bit steep for me. $50 for a book is already getting rough for me on normal D&D books.
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