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  1. I'd be willing to turn a blind eye to the stairs being on the outside. It makes the terrain a little more fun for players to interact with. It's the same reason why all sewer pipes are large enough to crawl through and why enemies cluster around explosive barrels. This add on does make me more interested in getting the lighthouse. Palisade walls are always useful, and it makes the lighthouse a lot more versatile.
  2. That's awesome, I wish Reaper would miss some pieces in my order. 🙂 This guy looks like he'd be right at home with with Rotstump Bog crew. Maybe he was planned to be a part of an add on set that went with it, similar to the Orcs.
  3. Well, I can't be the only one who has spent far too long surveying my options in the pledge manager. So what figures have grown on you the most since the end of the Kickstarter? Personally, it's the little shaman guy from the Waspnettle Lizardmen set. I kind of overlooked him at first, blending in with the others who have a more standard human build, but he has a ton of personality. He's got that kooky Yoda-like quality where you can't tell at first if he's incredibly wise or incredibly senile.
  4. First off, how dare you! Second, the real question is, how many copies of Denizens are you going to buy to get more flumphs?
  5. I'm a fan of the Rocky dragons as well. They do a great job being either chibi or playing the role of a baby dragon. The kid heroes series are great for this as well.
  6. I'd be interested to know how popular the chibis are. Games like Super Dungeon Explore and Funko Pop in general show there is a market for figures like this, even just as desk buddies.
  7. Well, hopefully some of these can get unlocked when the pledge manager opens up. Does anyone know how unlocks have worked in the past post-KS closing? I'm optimistic that the fact Reaper is showing off these sculpts means they are planning to add them soon.
  8. This was my first Bones KS, and I'm in for $230! I'm really excited for the huge amount of amazing dungeon critters on offer. The big wins for me are: Sullenhall - Giant Skeleton, huge array of undead that all fit well together Denizens - Norkers are adorable, the Trolls also ride that line between looking goofy and intimidating, Giant Slug, Wyverns, Orcs. There's a lot from this set I'm stoked for. Ragged Wound Orcs - I wasn't originally planning to get these, but with the ones from Denizens already there, these fill out the ranks nicely Rotstump Bog - I love the npc in peril, and the goblins will go well with the Orcs as minions etc. Guards, Wolves, Mudmen, Newts - All super versatile, beautiful, minis that will get tons of use. Chaarondar - has lots of character, and looks equal parts intelligent and rampaging monster I'm wavering on: 30th Dragon - FOMO is hitting me hard here. It looks amazing and epic, but I'm struggling to think of situations to use such a huge mini in play. It's an epic finale boss fight, but then what? I might skip this in favor of Gnolls + the Owlbear encounter Core Set - Most of the things I really want I can get from the bonus sets and I can't justify spending an extra $77 to get the few outliers. Still, I'm really going to miss the Skeletal Houndsman and Lardgulp.
  9. I love these bonus sets! I was just coming to terms with the idea that I wouldn't be getting the core set, and then Reaper comes along with bonus sets of all the minis I really wanted from it, AND in bigger numbers to boot! Bring on the mud men!
  10. While I had no knowledge about wing anatomy until this thread, I can totally relate to having weird hangups that nobody else seems to notice. 🙂 I hope this is a small enough change that It can make it into the final model.
  11. Lardgulp, Norkers, a giant slug, AND the Trex dragon?! This is the best set of reveals I've seen so far. I'm positively giddy with excitement! 😄
  12. Marketing. People anchor a lot of meaning on the name of a mini, and this let's people see it in a different light. I feel like this one would also make sense as a cultist, ranger, fighter, monk, or even a desert druid. It's pretty versatile tbh.
  13. I probably won't be picking up the Hakir expansion. I can get behind an Egyptian inspired theme, the Dwarf and Pehti-mau warrior for example both look awesome, but the sarcophagus and hieroglyphics are a little too on the nose for me. The skull motif (while overdone) actually brings up some interesting cultural questions though. These sarcophagi are there to forever show the person within at their prime. What kind of person would be thought of more fondly as a skeleton than in life? Also, what does it say about the people who built the tomb? Seems like they might be happy their ruler is gone.
  14. Same, I already have a preferred way to make terrain (Hirst arts), but unique centerpiece terrain is always welcome
  15. I'm loving both the Almiraj and hatching owlbear! This is reeaally tempting me to add the Fae and Talons expansions. Really devious here, Reaper. 😛 What am I going to do with just a hatching egg? I'll need an unhatched egg to build suspense first. And then of course I'll need a baby owlbear for after it hatches. And then naturally the Mama will come looking for it. It's like the session just writes itself!
  16. I didn't consider it before, but this is a really good point. It's felt like this KS was missing some incentives to back early, but I can totally see someone feeling like they missed the boat. Dividing the shipping into waves is actually pretty genius from this perspective. You still encourage people to back early, but late backers aren't punished by having to pay more out miss out on minis. I understand Reaper said they can't do it again for logistical reasons, but it seems like it made a huge difference!
  17. I know how we could have double axes and still sidestep the whole copyright issue... Build-a-Were-Bear! Oh wait, that's a while 'nother copyright issue.
  18. The werebear has reemerged! I kind of like the shield too. The fact it wields weapons and wears clothing says a lot about how this is a more intelligent, less savage monster, and showing it cares about defending itself leans into that even further.
  19. To unlock the Drift Lurker, we all had to stop being lurkers ourselves. 😄
  20. I'll bet you're right. I'm interested in the Rotstump encounter, but that's mostly because it sounds like it can be used in a huge variety of scenarios, where the others sound really specific. For instance, if your campaign doesn't involve a phoenix, the egg encounter probably won't fit. What kind of encounters are you all hoping to run with the names we've seen so far?
  21. My expectations are tempered by knowing there isn't a huge incentive to back early this time around (compared to what I've heard here about Bones V). Without that, it makes sense that most people would wait until the last minute to make an informed decision. The risk is that there wouldn't be enough revealed for those folks to jump on, but I think the previews help with that.
  22. Those pigmen look super intimidating! I love when I can look at a figure and immediately think of encounters they would feature in. I can totally see these as part of a horror story where the werepig town butcher slaughters pigs by day and people by night. Or a dark feywild story about three not-so-little pigs hunting the small helpless wolf.
  23. Wow! I love the look of our new hefty dragon boy. He has so much character! I'm definitely adding this one. This and the giant skeleton have been the standouts for me so far. I know a lot of people already have plenty of undead models, but personally I'm excited to get a huge army of zombies, skeletons, ghosts, and vampires all at once. 😀
  24. Thanks for the analysis! This is the first Reaper Kickstarter I've had the chance to participate in, and I was starting to wonder if we would make it to Giant Skeleton territory.
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