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  1. There’s been a lot of talk comparing this KS to the previous ones, to the extent where the Facebook group had daily posts comparing the financial performance of that day to every previous KS. I understand the tendency, but I’ve had to remind myself to judge it on its own (and my own) terms, especially as my first. The core is very exciting to me, with over 110 figures at almost a dollar a figure. I’ve also backed for a heap of great options, including Owlbears a go go, some of the most beautiful fare figures I’ve seen, two huge dragons (including one that scares me when I think of tackling it), some fantastic orcs and bugbears, and more paint to fit in my case. I’m personally really happy with how this unfolded, and had a pretty good time. Thanks Chaoswolf for all the great pictures - hope you had fun at the party! If only Texas was closer to Australia!
  2. I’m not a DM yet, so I don’t know if I need a big lighthouse, but it’s a great flexible piece. Not a bad price either. I’m really happy with the recent additions to the core, like the newts and the raptorkin. As it’s my first KS, I’m happy to see so many cool minis get added to the core. I’ll have my very first pile of shame!
  3. I’ve recently bought my first big dragon miniature, a Wizkids gargantuan white dragon, but the kids have talked me into painting it in Dragonite’s colours from Pokémon. So an orange dragon it is! 😂
  4. Those Owlbear cubs look so cute! I’m also a big fan of the Owlbear sculpt - it’s my favourite Reaper one so far. I’ll add it to the growing list.
  5. After that close up of the Shimmerscale, and the news on it’s probable retail price, I’ve bitten the bullet on the Briarwood expansion. So many great sculpts, but I’m most excited for the bee folk and Shimmerscale
  6. I’m a sucker for owlbears. Hopefully this is a big one - Wizkids do a fantastic Owlbear, but you’ve got to buy it in a paint kit.
  7. I’m very new to the hobby, and this is my first Reaper kickstarter. I’m really excited for the core set, especially the larger monsters like the bog shambler. I always need more paints, and the just-revealed dragon looks great. I’m not sure about the expansions, because I’m not sure how many terrain pieces I need yet. If we get a good collection of monsters, the dungeon one may be good. All up I’m happy with what they’ve shown so far, and am excited to see what they have planned next.
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