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  1. Well we didn’t get a single unlock yesterday and pledge levels continue to drop by the day. This clearly wasn’t the start many of us wanted and it seems Reaper agrees as they’re shifting unlocks around and dropping updates left and right to try to get some excitement going. The issue is the core set just doesn’t have the value people want yet and the possible value in the future just isn’t enough to buy in when there’s no guarantee they’ll actually be pieces you want. The solution to me seems simple, the current core set need value now to get people buying in. Reaper dropped the 5000 backer mini this year (which was a strange decision anyways), but it would give them them the perfect opportunity to add one now to up that core set worth. Bones 5 had the pizza dragon to tie it in with the theme so I say add a griffon, the namesake of the campaign. Make it a 3-inch base monster Karl Franz would be proud to ride off into the sunset. Put it right at the top of the page so it’s the first thing you see for the core set like the giant was for Bones 5. I think this would get people excited again and show there’s already good reason to buy in without needing to wait for something good to unlock first.
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