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  1. Twitch stream did just confirm the Storm Giant and the Bog are unlocked.
  2. Briarwood Vale expansion is the one I most want also.
  3. From KS chat: ReaperRonCollaborator36 minutes ago We will start adding Extras from the Core Set tomorrow, notably: Wolf Pack Mudmen Town Guard Honeythorn Lancers
  4. Agreed, liking those newts. Would be an instant buy separately for their newness.
  5. These are the minis so far in Bones 6 I need to add to my collection: Core: Bog Shambler, Ants Green Griffin: Festive Patron, Jochim, Seated Patron 1 & 2, Cap'n Dimitri Sullenhall: Giant Skeleton Briarwood: 3 Redcaps, Fungal King, Korred Orcs: 4/6 poses
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