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  1. Much better than the bare base! Old expired spices are great for basing. I would advise putting a coat of sealer over it to protect it from hungry critters.
  2. The base could use a little love. The hair is really awesome though.
  3. Its a druid right? I say paint it as a carrot and let it be a carrot! Nothing says I don't take this threat seriously quite like a slap across the face with a carrot.
  4. I have never had a problem with Testors Dullcote.
  5. Heartwood Brown? What paint range is that from? Good job on those tiny Garrity eyes.
  6. I usually keep a mixture of anti-shine in a large dropper bottle to add to inks. The mixture is made up of matte medium, water, and a bit of flow improver. I just mix in a little at a time until the shine is largely gone.
  7. I am not sure how well the liner would work on a metal mini since it is not actually primer. Works well enough for bones plastic though.
  8. Another method to smooth out areas of a mini prior to priming is to apply a few coats of varnish and allow it to dry. This is especially useful if the surface has pits in it. A brush can't help with those as much, but a coat of varnish can provide a smooth surface to prime and paint.
  9. Oh ok. So they are the same size pots that they use for their textured basing mixes. I might try out a couple colors then. No way would I buy a little pot for that price.
  10. I really like the color on that Papa Smurf ogre.
  11. Another material that comes in handy is good old drywall spackle. You can get it in small tubs on the cheap and they make some that is bright pink when wet but it dries white,so you can tell when it is all dry. It isn't strong like milliput or green stuff but for large areas of rocky surface it is much cheaper.
  12. If you are using modeling paste to fill the gaps on white bones you can mix in some craft paint to give it some color, making it easier to see. I made my own liquid "green stuff" like this when filling in minor gaps while assembling Khanjira.
  13. If you want a more matte finish to your inks, mix the ink in a solution of matte medium and water. I like to keep a bottle of matte medium and water mix (roughly 2/1 water to medium mix with a few drops of flow improver thrown in) handy in a dropper bottle so it is available to drop into inks for matte applications.
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