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  1. Hey guys - just wanted to throw this out there for anyone who might be interested. 750 point tournament. 3PM Monday September 5th. $5 entrance fee. We'll also be giving out information on our upcoming Warlord Campaign (we will not be using the campaign rules in the rulebook). hope to see some of you there!
  2. James, You should be asking how he can beat Crusaders next. I'm retiring the dwarves for a while to try a new faction :) (you beat dwarves by hitting them first. Their armor stinks!)
  3. I play dwarves because I was born in the Iron Hills and serve Lord Dain... urr... because they have um... angry-charging-axe-weilding-nutters with a girl throwing fire.
  4. Worst value. I like the model. I'll probably use the first one I purchase as a captain (I'll do a weapon swap for the bird). He's so dang expensive. AND HAS A 10 DV!
  5. My Opinion: Khong-To is Best. DwarfwithBird is Worst.
  6. As of today - Friday July 15th - it looks like the faction books have been received and are ready to ship from Alliance's South warehouse. Usually that means their other 3 warehouses will have them ready to ship by Monday/Tuesday the 18th/19th. So... One more Week!
  7. Several years ago one company used wood glue for their trays - problem being it's a very hard glue and scratches paint off easily (but works fine for gluing down the walls since that's permanent and won't come in contact with the miniatures). Since then they've moved to a softer glue (which I'm assuming is similar to Reaper's) - making it more difficult to not seperate foam from bottom - but keeping the miniatures from being scratched up. Individual trays are coming (soon?)
  8. yay! now I won't have to try so hard to balance alcohol and caffeine - I can have them both at the same time - out of the same bottle!
  9. efkelley - trust me - I've been trying! I just can't keep up! I need to play a couple less games and spend time recruiting more Dwarf players!
  10. I think this is a good place to congratulate LaydyTaryn: Congratulations! She just happened to win our 750 point tournament last week by going 3-0. She definately is getting MUCH better at playing the elves. I'm not looking forward to our next encounter so very much
  11. Because people play what they want to play! (thank god) When people come asking me, "What army should I play?" I never say "Army X because it's got undercosted models that come back from the dead!" I say "What would you really enjoy painting?" (Then a bunch of other questions but I hope you see my point.) I also think this topic is difficult to discuss over the internet so I'll try and go participate in some less nefarious discussions.
  12. I'd drop 2 or more archers to give the swiftaxes a warrior musician and try and upgrade the fireball to firestorm. (I personally like using clerics more than mages (especially using swiftaxes and a griffon - the swiftaxes love to charge held enemies and the griffon loves to be healed :) ) - but the above seems to go with your theme more.)
  13. None of those models have blowthrough and most of them aren't near as cheap. best,
  14. Yep - Ranzadule points out how the Banshees are undercosted (by a lot). Running multiples gives a HUGE advantage. (possibly the ability to run multiples is taken away in the Necropolis book?)
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