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  1. Freelancer, when it absolutley has to be done.... do it for cash, We dont start the wars, we just profit from em hee hee
  2. I like transparent washes, similar to the ones vallejo puts out. add some alchohol and the stuff is a dream oh and I like ultramarine especially as a cool base for a triad
  3. awesome paint my friend, there not Necros but eventually they will be....we have time, muhahahaahha. Def kudos on the skin woot woot
  4. what?!?... if I was carrying a Reaper Army Transport, you'd stop come on you know you would lol
  5. There has been a couple really good ones that started over at sci fi channel, ( some real bad ones too lol). Pitch Black was cool and this
  6. If someone sees me walking on the side of the road toward RCon, will you give me a lift....hmmmmmmm sorry couldnt resist with the attire conversation hee heee
  7. My eyes have been immoliated by its burning beauty I must posses her.... I must muhahahahahahahaha, hmmm but will she play nice with Rahzig
  8. That is a sweet one, one less to proxy in my Lupine force... Bry any notion on further figs for Razhig, marines maybeeeee
  9. Is there any hint on Bone Marines for Razhig ...everything else is pretty easy to proxy but Marines with muskets that are undead is a very slim market... none . If the Almighty Klocke would bless me with but a handful of these barnacled demons I could take over the world .. or at least my apt
  10. I have seen some good modern 28mm but no good skirmish rules for them so they would have to RAGE-a-cise some rules
  11. Welcome Gents and Scum, to " The Dirty Ferret" Mercs only here, all you other zealot fanboys can peddle your banter elsewhere.... Money talks, ideology walks hee hee
  12. thats what life likes to call a little reminder, good to hear your ok
  13. I love Battlefleet Gothic, the rules are easy to pick up and the models are definitly cool. You know this is an awesome game cause GW sent it packing to Specialist, those clowns have no clue lol
  14. You are an amazing man, and when I become Supreme Uber-Lord of the galaxy you shall be spared Bryan that is called Bryan
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