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  1. Hey, nice snakemen,..cool. I saw your pic/profile and I lived in Knoxville, Tn. too back in the early 80's,..AD&D was really big then at Heritage High School in Maryville. Anyways,..cool sculpts dude.
  2. Very cool paint job. I really like the blue/silver/white scheme better than the red and black unit colors. I agree on the comments about more hair highlights but this is still an awesome paint job!
  3. Nice flame paint job. Love the glow on his back/wing area,..awesome detail there.
  4. Nice clean paint job. Love that base! I like the crossbow and leggings paint as well,..nice.
  5. Awesome. I really like the rider paint job. The copper metal accents are very cool as well. I'm not much into purple figs but you did this one very well! SWEET!!!
  6. Very cool Black Dragon. Love your web page too,..awesome.
  7. Very nice second paint job,..I really like the face and eyes.
  8. Aww, it's sooo cute! Nice autumn paint scheme.
  9. Nice paint job,..those older minis paint up nice. Hmmm, I think I know her too! Yikes.
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