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  1. ^^^ This needs to be a mood in the hobby. I like fully armored women on my table, but my sculpting skills have definitely improved because of it (as long as I keep remembering to not drink from my greenstuff water🤢).
  2. SAAAAMEEEE, my wallet is not ready but my airbrush is
  3. The orc patron that Christine sculpted and shown off by chaoswolf shown here (all credit to @chaoswolf) I just need her as the bouncer of the Green Griffin. There was something somewhere about having more of the walruses shown in the lighthouse being available and I want more walruses to paint.
  4. Honestly I am super happy, it is my first one so I preference my statements with that. I didn't understand some things in the middle of the campaign but honestly seeing it at the end kinda makes sense. I'm sad we didn't get to see as much as Bones V, sad I didn't get to see the Orc patron ( I really need more of those kind of sculpts from reaper), I really wanted the slaughter walrus gang to be teased, all the Legendary tales, Deep Temple, etc. but hey that's a kickstarter for you. I know it wasn't the best and is a lower kickstarter (funding wise) but I am really glad to back it. I love some of the ideas tossed about on the forum about smaller kickstarters with more focus on expansions or just focusing on expanding reaper USA or bones Black. The logistical challenges of the continued SARS-CoV-2 pandemic/Geopolitics are really running the issues seen here and in so many other kickstarters so I am not going to complain too much when looking back at bones V in comparison. I love exclusives because it makes pledging during the KS worth something rather than just waiting till retail and that sucks but it is the way it is, there are only 3 (death knight (I guess 2 if you count the sitting and standing), Storm Queen, and the Lighthouse) out of how many minis that are going to make it to retail in x number of years. I'm looking forward to the pledge manager and any (and seeing here and from comments in the past/twitch statements) power-ups to the pledges, like the orc patron pleaaase. I will probably try to get more than I originally pledged just because my April was nuts and I was bleeding cash on so many unexpected things (moving, car, health issues, condo problems, tech needing to be replaced man everything just needed some amount of money thrown at it) so I hope the next kickstarter is either later in the year or in May. I'd really like them to use 100% new sculpts rather or explain why some of the old sculpts are being brought back into the kickstarter like the zombies/other things in the core set and where they plan to put them to use (bones USA, bones black, replacing models etc). I'm not going to lie when I saw those older sculpts I really wanted to know why they were in here and where they were going because if its Bones USA I'm here for it and not just because I'm stateside. I get to look forward to giant skeletons, fey creatures, humongous dragons, scarabfolk, mummy liches, new owl bears, creepy critters new adventurer types, so much more for a fraction of the cost of retail, and I got to have a whole month of being apart of the process to a small tiny extent. That leaves me happy. You have been incredibly helpful and awesome ! In fact everyone here is!
  5. 1 more minute! Way to go everyone!
  6. There they are! I need to know what I need to pledge to get this person as the bouncer at the green griffin! Also thank you to everyone who answered my question, you all are wonderful people! Also Storm Giant hinted at during the stream
  7. So with the Kickstarter going into the final hours, I was hoping to just clear something up and its been talked about quite a bit but I am still kinda confused (First reaper KS and they run things differently than the vast majority of KS I've pledged). So, I've seen it tossed about here and myself included that we can put more money into the pledge manager after the KS ends. I'm honestly just wondering if we can exceed our pledge amounts and I need a example just so I am fully explaining where I am confused. So if someone pledges $100 USD for the Kickstarter, after the kickstarter ends and they set up the pledge manager. We are credited the amount we pledged, to my understanding, and then someone can add say another $50 USD in the pledge manager to get another expansion they didn't have money for in the Kickstarter timeframe ? is that correct? So in theory I can grab more minis after the kickstarter that I initially didn't pledge the amount for? I think that is the part that is confusing me, is this essentially Reaper's version of late backing? Thanks in advance.
  8. *Heavy breathing in 2.5K* I'm excited
  9. Speaking of egg of the phoenix, was there any reason (lore or production) that the Salamanders and Drake are made from translucent orange instead of regular grey/white bones material (or bones USA)?
  10. Also, does anyone know if we are going to be getting any new reveals today? I just saw that Reaper switched some of its Twitch time slots around where they had something between the playtest and Reaper Errant
  11. ..... I am weak, I will break. I will however lie to myself before I do. 🤣
  12. That's interesting. Since its my first KS for reaper as well, it is a bit interesting to see how Reaper does their kickstarters. I'm still a bit confused about it since I thought we could only get what we pledged during the KS by dollar amount in the pledge manager, and now I'm a bit confused but I'm probably not going to throw more money into the pledge manager than what I pledged during the KS.
  13. This last week has been fantastic. I'm really loving all of the new unlocks and reveals. The lighthouse is cool, I just love it and might even throw it into a Spelljammer adventure. Dragons so far are awesome even if there aren't as many as in Bones V. Sullenhall is great and I love the gaint skeleton. I'm pledging for Hakir for the scarabfolk because I need more strange minis in my collection. Denizens is fascinating. Bairwood is whimsy and I love it. Plus making some for the more popular sculpts like the fire newts was a welcome surprise. Since this is my first KS I was a bit worried when it was a bit more of a crawl but now it is really picking up. I'm hoping we hit 2mil by the end of it. I'm also hoping for extras of the Green Griffin patrons like what was teased.
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