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  1. I agree, I've never seen it there, either. I'd rather try to support a brick and mortar hobby store, anyway.
  2. ...and for me! In your opinion. The spontaneity appeals to me.
  3. You do realize that you're under no obligation to celebrate, or even acknowledge, any of them, right? By the way, today is also National Cancer Survivors day. I happen to think that's quite a significant thing to celebrate.
  4. If you haven't done this, GO DO IT NOW!! That is an absolutely kick-broccoli, incredibly fantastic set up!
  5. By all means, I hope you enjoy it, but please remember what it's about.
  6. Well, that's no good. 90 years is a pretty good run, though.
  7. I agree, thank you for sharing that. It's great that painting little metal guys can help you de-stress.
  8. Look, I think we got off on the wrong foot. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings or make you upset or anything else. You're right, you are allowed to have your own opinion and state what it is, so is everyone else here. I don't hate your opinion, although I do disagree with it. That's not why I'm responding though. I'm also not saying that you need to be happy about how the KS turned out, either, All I'm asking is for you to please try not to belittle/denigrate other people's opinions in the stating of your own. When you make statements like the one I've bolded below, you're kind of implying that the thing that got made is garbage and shouldn't have been made in favor of the thing that would have been your preference. Things like that tend to hurt people's feelings, and I'm just about positive that's not your intent. I understand the disappointment, believe me. There's some things I was hoping for, too. I sincerely hope that Reaper adds something extra in the pledge manager that you'll enjoy. At any rate, I doubt we'll ever be super friendly, but how about we call a truce?
  9. So, I might be able to go this year; it'd be my first time. A friend of mine has told a lot about it, so I'm looking forward to it. I've got a question about the metal trade in though: I've got a fairly good idea of how it works thanks to my friend, but I've seen it mentioned that it's not happening this year, other places say it is. So, is it happening this year?
  10. I'm assuming this was meant for me, not ChaosWolf. First off, I insulted NO ONE. If you were upset about my use of the word 'whining' I'm sorry, but it does accurately describe a lot of what is going on in this thread. Secondly, It's not all about you. On April 27th, you said: I like 5 things from the core. So still a big 'no' from me Now if only the orcs and gnolls we're in the core and the newts and bird people were add ons =/ On April 30th, you said: agreed, legendary tales / encounters were what i was really looking forward to this KS and dragons and other big beasties So, by your own admission, you're not interested in great big chunks of this KS and pretty much only want dragons and big monsters. That's fine. Saying so is fine. The part that aggravates me is your assertion that Reaper should have made more of what YOU want instead of "something we have dozens and dozens of already" that might be stuff that other people want. That's exactly the same as me rampaging through the thread and saying "ho-hum, another dragon/big monster, they should've made (whatever thing I wanted) ". I'm sure it would annoy people and I'd get called out for it. (By the way, there are 24 dragons in the store. That's not counting hatchlings, chibi versions, or dragon like things like Wyverns. Just dragons. So more dragons wouldn't be exactly 'new') Now, to be fair, I do agree with you. Sort of. Rather than seeing Reaper commission a sculptor to create a handful of new orcs, I'd much rather that they go back and get the sculptor that made some of the orcs they've already got to make some more in the same style as the existing ones, but in new poses. I'm absolutely chuffed that they got Bobby Jackson to make some more of the same style orcs. I don't know if he used any Angus McBride artwork for inspiration, but all of the orcs in this KS match some of the existing ones, which are aesthetically very similar to the illustrations that Mr. McBride did for the old Middle Earth role playing game. I happen to love those illustrations, so I think having a bunch of figures that look like them is awesome. Between the ones I'll be getting whenever this delivers and the ones already in existence, I've got a pretty big group of figures that look like they belong together without having any duplicates. That is something I'd like to see Reaper do more of.
  11. It's been over for how long now and you're all STILL whining about it? Good lord, go paint something already. I'm HAPPY it turned out the way it did, there's a lot of good stuff that I'm looking forward to getting in a couple years, including a lot of stuff that NOT everyone has. For some of us this Kickstarter was brilliant, exciting, and wonderful. I'm still thrilled with how it worked out. Could it have been better? Yes, maybe. I'm still convinced that the negativity all over social media around the campaign actually hurt it. From what people in this thread are saying, Reaper may be giving us some extra stuff to chose from when the pledge manager opens, so there's a good chance that you'll be getting those dragons anyway, right? A big thank you to Reaper for doing this Kickstarter, @Chaoswolf for all the great pictures from the count down party, and for all of those who tried to keep this thread informative, helpful, and positive.
  12. Anything worth thinking is worth overthinking. No, not always. If you're thinking too hard about a joke, it means you didn't get it. Just drop it and move on with life. I think what @Chaoswolfmeant was that whatever color the cat's ears are doesn't matter; that's not what makes the joke funny. (And it is funny, especially you have pet cats.)
  13. I was curious about them, too.
  14. For an enthusiasm thread, there sure is a lot of whining and complaining in here. Now, I get it, not everyone is going to love every single figure on offer here. That's ok, everyone has different tastes or wants or needs. I don't care one way or the other about chibis, but I'm not gonna complain that they're making some just because they made some last time. Somebody likes those things, and they're happy to see them. Let them be happy. Sure, you can say you don't like them if you really need to, it's a free country. Maybe only say it ONCE, though? I've lurked (as a guest) through this entire thread, and there's a dozen people or so that have felt the need to repeat their displeasure in EVERY.SINGLE.POST. they make. " I don't like orcs. I don't want more dwarfs. I don't need more gnolls, I've already got more then I need now. I don't want more generic mooks, I want something NEW." That's nice. You've expressed your negative opinion, which you're allowed to do, could you stop now, please? It's really too bad that they didn't talk to you first before starting this project, I'm sure it would be doing so much better if they had. Maybe you being so down on everything drove people away. This is my first Reaper KS, and more than once, I came here to make an account to talk about the cool new thing that I just saw on the project page, but when I get here there's a bunch of people trash talking it. It made me feel kinda dumb, and like I wouldn't be welcome in the conversation, so I never did. Well, I'm not going to let some spoiled, whiny broccoliers make me feel bad. I'm excited by what I'm seeing, and I can't wait for it to get to me. Sorry if this makes you mad.
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