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  1. I'm the complementary: i tend to back Kickstarters and buy discounted/clearance collections (that tend to have multiples of the same sculpt) so I'm looking to trade my duplicates or ones that I don't want for more variety or things i missed. or more kobolds for RCL because those seem like the easiest trios to get. maybe see some things I haven't come across before.
  2. Some pictures posted in the Reaper con thread https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/103614-2023-reapercon-picture-thread/&do=findComment&comment=2120490
  3. 2 things with backerkit, 1 don't expect a lot of stretch goals. no-one is discovering new things on backerkit, so its only hardcore fans and the projects will be smaller 2. keep project emails and follow the links in there. backerkit still doesn't have their main page worked out and its too easy to log in as a content creator instead of a backer.
  4. I'm looking forward to pictures of prototypes from reapercon
  5. Is that a wrap? I think all the boxes are through the circuit now.
  6. Or the game is out of print so the required base game price is all jacked up (though you can get it for about 50$ used), which also means the demand for expansions that you can't play without the base game is low, so they go on clearance (I got 3 expansions of 18-25 minis for 10-15$ each). The humans are 35mm heroic so not super useful, but the monsters are pretty good.
  7. yes its a miniatures heavy board game based on novel series (wouldn't suprise me if theres a video game too). Its marketed as a narrative adventure game, but as I've never played it, I'm not sure how that's different than a dungeon crawler. I usually find BGG images section for a board game enlightening when trying to figure out what kind of game it is. https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/247417/solomon-kane/images
  8. The vultures are from Solomon Kane (i think the stack/swarm is from against the vampires expansion, and the biped is from heart of Africa), the teal monkey with a lantern is from Yashima. Nice haul!
  9. I'd like a date so I can budget. I want at least another anniversry dragon before it closes, but I've also got other ks that I pledged what I could afford at the time, and not what I wanted to. So if I get a suprise closing Oct, then I have some hard choices. If it's an early 2024 then I'm a happy boy. Also they don't have to close it until they need to put overseas mfg quantities in (after all the red wax samples and p.u. samples are approved), so no reason to close it sooner. And sounds like u.s. production is pretty busy until after reapercon.
  10. I was going to chime in with "moar pictures" I need to live vicariously... But 11 out of 14/15 people to receive their boxes posted, so that's pretty good. (Obviously not including box starters)
  11. its an air elemental, basically a set of stacking shallow cones/bowls my work blocks archon's site, but you can google pictures of Dungeons and Lasers Woodhaven Air Elemental
  12. TGP box. My pics of picks (and after some assembly). I have a good idea of what I'm putting in, so it should be back in the mail this weekend. The defiance bug aliens are neat, but do not have enough surface area for glue.
  13. update, snapped a bit off one base snapping the sprue off (a 50mm one). I'll be a little more careful moving forward, but flush cut nippers work fine on them. If anyone at reaper is reading these, please don't move to more Hard for future retail batches. i think the sciores mix in these are spot on as far as flexibility.
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