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  1. I made the mistake of thinking that retail product in reveiwers hands ment the product existed, and didn't realize that its common for to send early production copies to reviewers to generate hype. At least there is a product, if it can't get to people. From what i understand UK and asia actually got theirs (hence a couple ebay copies floating around). I don't have high hopes for lasting tales, unless you only backed the rules with no minis. I am glad they keep saying they won't steal from other campaigns to pay for FS1, but i don't know who would work with them on distribution now, knowing that they stiff their vendors.
  2. I've been seeing some 3d renders for things that were previously concept art (like dryad). Anyone know if these are from twitter, or live streams?
  3. 5.5 first container contents in the news forum https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/99522-12-container-of-55/
  4. First power up is in the pledge manager. " This Power-Up contains: Parapet/Wall pieces Shield Bits (4) Guards (2) The Tower shown is NOT included and only contains the items listed above. You will need the Blacktallow Lighthouse Option if you would like to convert it into the Guard Tower."
  5. it would also cost you 3 times as much in resin to print everything in the stretch goals.
  6. T minus 48hrs. If you haven't looked at this lately, check out the stretch goals. Seriously just the stretch goals
  7. they just sent out a what to expect email (see the steamforged games blog for details) summary: 20$ pdf, 45$ books/cards/handouts/maps etc, 80$ for books and 4 combat encounters worth of minis and paper maps, 160$ for 9 combat encounters (2 are KS exclusive) and maps and DM screen and dice. I don't see how they package it for retail unless they break up the books and do 2-4 encounters per set.
  8. The live streams Ed and Ron both made it seem like there would definitely be some kind of power ups in the past the first power ups happened around a month after KS ended. now we're about 1 1/2 months out, but they're also still scaling up bones usa production, running the base boss 2 KS, and planning for reaper con. I wouldn't be surprised if there's not a whole lot of new news before reaper-con (sept 1-4). reaperJon did say in discord to expect the PM to stay open till the end of the year or early next year.
  9. I think when they can inspect the incoming shipment and start picking orders they'll send out an update stating what can be fulfilled. They did say core sets and Sophie revenge boats are in the first one during a live stream, and that some/most of the expansions are in the second one, but not what else was in it. I have only addons coming so who knows where those are squeezed in
  10. ive allocated my pledge, but i won't be able to add more till probably august (this is an going to be an expensive next 6 weeks on KS/gamefound for me). I want to add a second kyle the 30th dragon and second lighthouse, both paints, and hakir at least.
  11. Yes thats the witch hunter. I only got townsfolk and stretchgoals as addons, no core pledge, so maybe it was part of of of those (i didn't end up with lich, which is the other single model box). very little flash in my opinion, but i'm not super particular about it. there are a tone of sprue connections, so i've done a little sanding/scraping rough sprue marks from cutting (or just recutting nubs after they're off sprue), but absolutely no scraping mold lines.
  12. Pictures of some assembled stretch goals minis. Edit: spoiler just to save browser space.
  13. Edit: guindyloo beat me to it. Pledge manager basics tips and tricks. I see a lot of questions here and on discord so here's a rundown: 1 wait until you get the email for the pledge manager and then make sure to sign in or sign up with that email address. If you goto checkout early (before your email is linked or with a different email than you used for Kickstarter) then you will pay higher late backer prices 2. It doesn't matter if you picked core set or addon/pm access In KS. Your entire pledge amount just counts as credit for the pledge manager. Add whatever you want now and and either keep the leftover credits for later or pay the extra you owe (not including taxes and shipping) 3. Once you checkout you cannot remove/change those items. You can add more and checkout again. Each "order" will be lumped together and ship together. 4. You will not be charged tax or shipping yet. You will need to pay those later when your order is ready before they will ship it. 5. While the pledge manager is open you can change your address from the settings link at the top of the PM. I'm sure it will be easy to change your address after the pm closes until they ask you to pay for shipping. 6. You can get in if you didn't pledge on Kickstarter but the prices are higher. 7. Is there any benefit to checking out now instead of sitting on my items and waiting for power ups waiting to pay extra etc? Probably no benefit to you personally except for budgeting/spreading out payments, but it does give reaper valuable information on what is popular and might possibly influence power ups. Let me know if I missed anything big.
  14. Looking at the current climate of where projects are showing up, can we get the rules amended to allow for gamefound projects? maybe with the caveat that posts have to be related to primary (first) campaigns and not those that have moved to the pledge manager phase.
  15. I was super excited to have found out about box of goodwill! I hope I catch signups for the next round. outside of forums, the best thing i can think is finding gaming freinds/locals that are into minis, but not as into them as you are. This way they are unlikely to have backed the same kind of kickstarters as you, but might be willing to take a few off your hands at cost.
  16. Omg, I am so glad something like this exists. I hope I can catch signups for Round 13! I'm enjoying the pics vicariously
  17. Ok, dust has settled. The things I can't live without / wouldn't forgive myself for missing in this KS: Norker on a Porker (Norker warboss denizens) new bathalian sculpt (denizens) Demilich (denizens, hasn't gotten enough love, gone under the radar) Roderic and glitter (core set) Mummy queen's cat (hakir) all the mummies and adventurer PCs in Hakir hugo the dog (core set, dredmere 1) skeletal hound master (core) extra skeletal hounds (denizens) every single thing in briarwood (cept maybe the arborial defender). every single one. Kyle the anniversary dragon. going to paint him green (i have an adult red). I think the ear frills fit green well. lizard folk Things i'll pick up at retail: sullenhall necromancer, vorlaka elder. greyhawk the bitty griffin. one of the hellborn (I was excited until i realized how little 2 of the ladies were wearing). Things i'll pick up at retail because this KS inspired me: familiars 1 (bat and faerie dragon), glitterwing sylph, andromedan queen (use a fairy court), sir garrick forscale I thought i'd be a more excited about hakir, but i'm not huge on terrain or big 75mm humanoids (but I do know good painters are going to love them). I thought i'd be more excited about addons, and I want the men-at-arms for the novelty but can't justify it, and the gnolls, and the salamanders but again theres too much i want and gotta trim somewhere. I didn't realize how much i needed lizardfolk until i saw them and thought about it. I'm using some prepainted pathfinder xulgath, so not ideal). I need some sahuagin, so was really stoked for the deepones encounter. Hope we get some extras in the PM. I spent a good bit of time over the pandemic trying to fill in my collection, and i have the major iconic monsters (is 9 beholder/beholderkin too many?), a plethera of goblins, orcs, humans, undead, Fey are few and far between. I have a gaggle of gnomes (can be used a redcap in a pinch), and maybe 2 sprites, and thats it. the sylphs and fairies are amazing, everything else is great. The new paints look like they have nice eastery pastels for the fey folk. Briarwood on its own would make this KS a success for me, but there are so so many good things.
  18. Background: for those who might not be aware, the bones USA line is made in a new process that is similar to both injection molding, and traditional metal spincast. You make a master model, push it into some uncured rubber finesse the parting lines, squish the second half of the mold on, and vulcanize the rubber ( so far just like metal spin cast). Then you use those molds in a special injection mold machine ( sioform) and in seconds you have beautiful new models. The siocast website is still pretty info scarce. Questions: how long does it take to vulcanize a siomold compared to spin cast molds? Do you vulcanize with a traditional oven, inside the sioform, or a specialty oven? Are there patch kits or do you just have to sacrifice 1 mold for every 10 or 20? Anyone else have questions for the reaper staff or other industry insiders?
  19. Well if you have lots of failed prints, it might take a few pints of that too
  20. I'm a little surprised at the harshness of criticisms in the run downs. I get that not everything is for everybody (some of this isn't for me), but they're trying to do something for everybody. they unlocked a ton of extra stuf that we didn't earn, They adjusted on the fly, listened to comments. Those that say 3d printing is a direct option instead of these (whether you wanted hands sculpted models instead of digital models, or just for variety or price) please be acutely aware that 3d printing is not cheaper nor easier than mass production. It needs a lot more work after the print to sand/fill/clean than injected/cast parts, is much more fragile, You need galons of IPA, a wash and cure station, ways to clean/decant it, possibly a chemical smoothing (like an acetone vapor bath) or putty fill and sand to get rid of lines. Its messy, time intensive, non recyclable. Even if i owned a resin printer, i would still be interested in professionally produced minis. I'm happy to part of a mostly positive community. I wish I could have been unrelentingly excited for this kickstarter without feeling bad that it wasn't a big as past ones that i've missed.(though my pocketbook probably appreciates it being smaller 😉 ).
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