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  1. I'd say about 95% finished. It could use some finishing touches (pigments + tufts). I had to store it away in big boxes but I plan to finish it, takes pictures and post it on my blog before the finale of my Sandgrave campaign.
  2. Hi folks! It's been a while since I last posted here. Here is a Reaper mini that I painted to be the main and final antagonist in a egyptian Frostgrave campaign inspired by The Thaw of the Lich Lord. The undead queen awaits in her temple of doooom!
  3. Hi all! How do you do? Here are three egyptian skeletons from Otherworld Miniatures. They serve as basic enemies for my egyptian fantasy adventures.
  4. You did a stellar job on them. They really bring a sinister atmosphere.
  5. Hi all! How do you do? It's been a while since I last shared a mini here. I recently converted and painted one for my egyptian-themed Frostgrave warband. Since the mini depicts a woman with bare breasts, I am supposed -as per the forum rules- to post links to the pictures instead of displaying them directly in the post. So consider this topic slightly NSFW. To begin with, here is the mini I started with: https://www.reapermini.com/search/yanara https://legolemquireve.files.wordpress.com/2022/01/p1090389.jpg For the conversion, here's what I did: Sawed the head off. A brutal surgery but a necessary one. [picture] Replaced the head with a bald one from Statuesque Miniatures. [picture] Filed off the remaining hair with a Dremmel power tool. [picture] Filed off the belt decoration and replace it with an Ankh cross. Resculpted the piece of fur on her shoulders and upper back. Cut off the top of her staff and replace it with an egyptian staff decoration (a double ostrich feather ornament) The result after the conversion: https://legolemquireve.files.wordpress.com/2022/06/p1090830.jpg After priming in off-white: https://legolemquireve.files.wordpress.com/2022/06/p1090832.jpg And finally, the painted mini: [Front Picture] / [Side Picture 1] / [Side Picture 2] / [Back Picture] / [Close-up Picture] If you want to see the pictures directly, you may visit my blog post (although it's written in french): https://legolemquireve.wordpress.com/2022/06/29/sandgrave-djesa-la-thaumaturge/
  6. No, only the sorceress and the dog are from Otherworld. The goblins are from North Star Oathmark range and the orc is fom Bronze Age Miniatures.
  7. Even the dog looks like he has a criminal record. The only exception is the overworked apprentice who is exploited like a slave an intern by his mistress.
  8. Hi all! How do you do? My latest painted character: This sorceress lady will be used someday in the future for games of Frostgrave. Here she is with the rest of her warband:
  9. Hello folks! I hope you're doing well. My latest painted mini : a golem of woes by Rocket Pig Games. I loved this mini as soon as I first saw it. I just HAD to paint it. It's a fun concept and the tormented faces were an absolute delight to paint. 🙂
  10. Thanks. The egyptian dungeon tiles are made by Lunesdargent Workshop, a canadian company. Originally they were casting those in some kind of sandstone but they stopped since it wasn't profitable (I think? It's been a while). I don't think they are selling those sandstone tiles anymore. However the tiles are also available as digital files for 3D printing: https://lunesdargentworkshop.com/shop/openlock-3d-files/ The braziers were originally from Dark Fable Miniatures. Now they can be found on Dragon Bait Miniatures: https://www.dragon-bait-minis.com/dark-fable-miniatures/
  11. Thanks. I used Citadel colors: Ratskin Flesh Reikland Fleshshade Bestigor Flesh Ungor Flesh Probably a bit of Pallid Wych Flesh in the mix for the last highlights.
  12. A soldier for my warband in my egyptian version of Frostgrave. Can't say I'm too happy with the way the NMM looks but I'm done with this model nonetheless.
  13. Hi everybody. Since I recently joined the Reaper forum, I thought I might as well share one of my latest painted minis. The original model: https://www.reapermini.com/search/03506 I have chosen this mini to represent a wizard apprentice in an egyptian version of Frostgrave. Since she is 'only' an apprentice, I wanted her to look a little less important, which is why I cut off the tiara. Unfortunately the little baboon that was included hasn't been painted as I have no use for him... yet. Hope you like it. Have a nice day everybody!
  14. Hello there! Nice to see your work! 😉 I love the ruined guard post you made out of Hirst Arts blocks. It's simple and yet creative. It offers interesting game possibilities in a skirmish game such as Frostgrave which heavily relies on scenery. I am also very interested see the other buildings that we can see in the background. 😉
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