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  1. VL, Thanks for 'splaining how you work the blends. I think I get what yer saying. I'll give it a try and hopefully have something to post soon.
  2. Great stuff! Nice blends on the inside of the cloak. I have a question about that if you don't mind... (this may be better in a different forum, but I'll post here since it's applicable) Since having started reading these boards not too long ago, I am starting to try to thin my paints and do blends. When you blend, do you wait for the bottom layer of paint to dry before adding the hightlight blend? or do you paint the basecoat and blend in the highlight while the base is still wet? I was trying to wet-blend some red and orange over a base of red/brown with mixed results. The colors seemed to come out muted then dry with barely noticable highlights. Hours of work with not much to show. Any advice/help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  3. You... it.. they... red.. hrmph.... sick-fu. I want to steal your brains and assimilate your talent... That's meant as compliment in a dimented way. Really, VL, I want to eat those minis like candy. They are so shweeet!
  4. LOL! I kept looking and looking for Jester's head on the ground somewhere... then I saw it when I was checking out the banner.
  5. Wow There has to be a 12-step program for you guys somewhere. Good lord, what the h*ll hobby have I gotten myself into... I just started so my "work area" is wherever I empty out my tackle box. Although, I just ordered a shipment of new minis that are going to cause spill-over. I'll have to come up with a different storage system. Pegboard! Brilliant! Under the computer table (Flit). More Brilliant!! I may have to use that idea myself. I hope can keep some sanity and not go too far to the dark side with this hobby.
  6. Niloc, thanks for the request. I'll try to additional shots this week if possible. Check back here. -Lemmy
  7. Lemmy


    Shhweet! A nicely balanced figure in terms of paint control and color scheme. All the parts and bits are nicely done and thy hang together as a cohesive whole. let me 'splain: (You know how we all sometimes end up with a part here or there that is really really nice but other parts are wekaer. This ain't got that.) She's purty, too. Nice job, Jenova.
  8. Dude. That's sick.... but in a good way. How many hours do you have in the photo posted?
  9. That's a great idea. Seeing progress in your own skills is always encouraging to keep going. The blending and freehand on the newer one are much nicer. I still need to put in more hours behind the brush to get that nice blend going on my minis. Thanks for sharing. -Lemmy
  10. Tailspinner, Thanks for the feedback. I use this mini in a game I currently play in. I had painted him with black hair, but my character went through a physically traumatic experience which turned his hair white. So I repainted the hair. Thinning... Yep. That seems to be the consensus. Thanks for the link to the tutorial - saved me the legwork of searching for an article on the topic. Fieldarchy, I painted approximately 6 figures about 8 years ago. Then one figure about 2 years ago, then 4 figures within the last two months. Each stab at painting seems to have improved the level. Now if I just keep painting consistently, maybe I can get better technique down.
  11. I like the color and texture on the body/skin areas. Looks like you have drybrushing down pretty well. I think if you added some highlights/shadow to the tusks, toenails and the weapon blade areas with the same level of skill you have in the body it would kick the overall look up a notch or two. Nice job!
  12. Fieldarchy, Thanks for taking the time to give feedback and suggestions, both are appreciated. My reply: I'm guessing the 'freehand' folks are referring to on this model is the pattern at the bottom of his tunic/robes? I had never tried that before but having seen so much great stuff on the reaper forum, galleries and elsewhere, I had to give it a shot. The pattern I did was pretty simple compared to others I've seen but I wanted to start with something I thought I could handle with passable results. I think it's still a little sloppy on the back side. But glad people like it. Thanks! Totally agree with you there. I haven't really worked with thining paints but will on my next endeavors. I use Citadel paints cause thats what was available at my local brick and mortor. I like them well enough but I do think I need to experiment with thinning. And I need to work on my skin tone blending. The hightlights are definitely too pronounced in the photos. LOL! You busted me. I had painted them smaller and they looked OK, but I just ... had to tinker .. just a ...little...more... DOH! Too much paint. The fig was finished at that point and I didn't have the stamina to repaint the eyes from scratch. I may go back and fix that. Thanks for keeping me honest. Actually a bit of both. The highlights are painted. But I did use a gloss sealer for durability then used a matte clear over that. I wanted to use Testor DullCote since that seems to be the drug of choice for most painters, but I can't find it anywhere locally... or at least haven't found it yet. I used Rustoleum Matte Clear acrylic. It still had too much gloss for my taste. I will have to expand my radius in my quest for DullCote. Again, thanks for the suggestions!
  13. Sweet. I like the details... down to the little gold reflection on his leather glove holding the sword.
  14. Lemmy


    Hey Squish, thanks for the positive feedback and suggestion! Excellent! I had been having issues with chalkiness but wasn't sure what to do. Since reading in the boards here I've seen more comments on thinning paints. I'm definitely trying that on my next one. -Lemmy
  15. Q-Ball Thanks for the feedback and compliments. I agree- I don't much like the original sculpt, but it seems to work with the modification. I also agree that the skin tone is not as successful. I was trying some shading and highlights but my blends need some work. For some reason the transitions came out looking much more harsh in the photos than it seemed to by the naked eye. That's something else I need to look into - improving mini photos. I read through the Forum here on photography and have some ideas to try. As for my work from years ago, it's not on par with today's standards. Each one is a learning experience, I guess. VikingLodge Thank you. Coming from you that's a great compliment. I've seem some of your work on this forum and it's pretty amazing. I'm not at that level, but I have fun painting either way. Spent about 10 hours on this mini. Seems like a lot to me. I'm guessing paint times shorten with experience. Thanks for the input and encouragement guys.
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