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  1. I would say yes too because of concussion and secondary effects, most especially if its a nuke.
  2. I was thinking the same thing. My thought was that the open market equipment represents older production blocks and faction specific cards would be new build or fresh updates of older equipment.
  3. Have it land on turn one, spend turn two finishing unloading, or say that it can only unload 4 transtport points a turn or something like that, then lift off strait up. Large vehicles the size of interface craft should probably not have any movement within the time fram of CAV maybe.
  4. My read is that it just says transports not what kind. Kinda analagous to gliders in WW II bringing in the ATG's and arty and jeeps for the airborne.
  5. All of that is true but there is another point to consider. Look at the problems the Germans had in WW II using everybody's trucks because they could not make enough. So when your nice shiny '70 Dictator goes down because widget "A" isn't in your spare parts bin don't shoot your supply or maintenance folks. They are talking about doing campaign rules and this point would defenitely apply then.
  6. I also agree that their should be a minimum percentage amount spent in order to call a task force a faction force. I propose a sliding scale of 10% of each whole 1000 points spent on a force, round down. the logic here is that a single unit may be given mercs to do a given mission but as the task force increases in size the faction commander in charge of the force will increase in rank and have a larger faction force under direct command.
  7. So what is the answer is this official errata.
  8. Agree with nanite on these points I have played tactical games for 20 years and don't recall any of them letting infantry do what they can do with Shock in as short a turn as this is.
  9. That sounds right to me and the comment on CB = IA and AA = DF sounds right too.
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