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  1. I'm a 32 year old war gaming newbie. BTech,CAV,Steel something,Mage Knight,a homegrown army game using plastic minis from drugstores back in high school,a just-for-fun fantasy wargame featuring minis such as orcish crack dealers and elvish hookers. Not too much experience really. Every now and then I hit a GW store for paint. I like variety in my painting (mis)adventures and GW is convenient for me. I've checked out the minis and knew a guy who played,but have never tried out the game. I've spent time online trolling the boards and always chuckle at the venom that's doled out to GW,War Hammer 40K,etc. Today I went in looking for some paint,black,yellow and a few others. As usual,as soon as I walked in I was grilled about what I was painting,playing,etc. Today it was a female(a first).We talked briefly;comics,but mostly GW products. It was,as always, irritating after about a minute. Between her nattering,little kiddies running around,salestools explaining the greatness of this product and that product and the temperature of the place it was almost enough to make me want to kill.Throughout the whole time I was in there the female kept up a running one sided conversation about paints,armies,books,supplements,what I play,what I'm doing today,blah blah blah. Even as I was paying. As I was leaving!!! Anytime I even think about trying out a GW game I think about my increasingly infrequent trips to their kiddietraps. And then I come to my senses.
  2. Good thing I've got a Rach force going to. Of course at the rate I'm going I'll have started everything but Ritterlich and Templar. Funny,I'm the same way except I have a small Ritterlich force. Sometimes I think I should concentrate on just 2,but I'm really getting into my Adon force. And those Terrans have cool stuff too. If the Templars had decent looking CAVs I'd probably roll ALL the armies.
  3. Heh. I had just picked up another Talon before I read this thread originally. M,y B-Day is coming up. I think a Starhawk VI (and maybe a Falcon and 2 more Wolf tanks and 2 Harpies as well as multiple Malvie units)will have to be acquired.
  4. What part of Ohio are you guys in exactly? Close to Michigan,in the middle or closer to Kentucky?I ask because if you guys are reasonably close I may want to come down someday with my poorly painted minis and get my posterior booted by y'all if you don't mind.
  5. HOK seems pretty cool. Conscription seems.....eh I might come up with a house special to replace it or add on to the 'official' ones. Any ideas my fellow worshippers?
  6. This is true,but I really wanted the Lich to come out. I mean how cool is it to play with a CAV called 'Lich'?
  7. Heh. I bought them because they were being discounted at another online shop(along with every other CAV;part of my great CAV Christmas order of 2005) . I was(and do)going to use them for my Btech/BForce games as well as play CAV. They're a bit faster and a bit better against soft targets than the Thug. If I had to do it over again,I'd have bought another Spectre instead maybe. But I was beyond new to CAV then(still a newbie in just about every way)so WTH : Haven't used the Wraith in CAV 2(Beta?) yet. School,work and other itches get in the way. Let me also say this: No Lich=
  8. Ditto on the Assassin. I think I'll be following your advice about the Wights. I also need to fill out my armor/transport a bit. Another pair of Hedgehogs,Nomads,Outlaws and Poltergeists +a Banshee and an OEM will probably be what I purchase. My recon CAVs will likely be a Spartan,Raptor,Khan and/or Talon.
  9. Other than a recon unit or two,it'll be all Grundor and Mark IV units. My big decision right is what final 2 CAVs to acquire to fill out out my army. I'm leaning towards a Wight,mostly 'cause I don't own one,but after that it's a crap shoot. I currently own the following Malvernis CAVs: Revenant Butcher Spectre Wraith 2 Assassins 2 Thugs 2 Ghosts I'm leaning towards either a Spectre or a Butcher.
  10. Looking at the DC for the Wolverine, why would you want any other (well, except for the point cost). In it's 0 DT you've got 11 Mov, 2 CCV, and a DV of 14! On the main gun the RAV+Piercing will never drop below 6, has a flamer for those pesky infantry which the mod will never drop below 7. To top it of it has 7 DTs (including the 0 DT) and has Shielding/3 for those pesky critical hits. If it does take damage, it's base reapir in the 2nd DT is 6 while most models start at 5 and also is Rugged. This thing is a beast that has some real staying power. On the downside, it's weapons are rather short ranged (20 inches on the main gun and 4 on the flamer), at the 3rd DT the DV drops pretty sharply as does Mov, and it is expensive at 320 points. Park a couple of these with an EST/ECM Pod equipped unit and things could get ugly fast. I'd pair it up with an open market Chieftan or Lance to provide fire at longer range for a little less cost if you want to keep the section all vehicles. Just for the sake of having new stuff to buy Also,I believe in playing (almost)faction pure stuff unless playing merc. And Ritterlich is a smidgen deficient in tanks.
  11. Got it. Picked up a flight of them and an additional Thug. I have one army(the Ane of Khardullis)ready to go except for some painting. My 2nd army(the Loins of Khardullis)is about half ready,although playable I suppose. My 3rd(unnamed as of yet) still needs some work.
  12. Interesting. You may have changed my next CAV purchase. A flight of Ghasts+a few tanks for my tank merc company+a Wight and another Specter. Sounds good to me.
  13. I just picked up an Assassin today(along with a Talon, Wolverine and Conqueror). My Malvernis forces are:2 Ghosts,1 Thug,1 Butcher,1 Wraith,1 Revenant,1 Assassin,1 Specter,2 Banshees,2 Spikes,2 Poltergeists,2 Hedgehogs,2 Raiders and 2 Nomads. Future plans include getting 1 Wight,1 Assassin,1 Butcher,1 Specter,2 Ghasts,2 Vindicators,2 Outlaws and 2 Hunters. Only then will my forcees be complete.
  14. I'm waiting for the Emperor myself. The Prince,Oppressor and Dominator wouldn't hurt either. I own too many Khans
  15. Funny enough,I may jump them up to my No.2 army behind Malvernis. I'm digging on the Tiger and Mastodon,although Ritterlich currently seems to have squat for armor,but I can live with that I suppose.
  16. Are we becoming extinct like the auroch? Where are all the Malvies hiding?
  17. What schemes are my fellow Malvernis players using? I've been going with purple in combinations of blues,silver and black. My Rach forces are red,red,red,red+a few secondary colors. Terrans are unpainted;I suspect I'll go with greens,olive drabs,tans and maybe some whites. Ritterlich is utterly undecided. Maybe prussian blue as a start?
  18. I don't own either JOR(wish I did). I decided to go Ritterlich. I had Templar vehicles,but no CAVs. I had Ritterlich CAVs,but no vehicles. That+I think that,with a few exceptions,Templar CAVs are aesthetically displeasing(to be polite). I'll probably get some Templar(and Adon) forces sometime this year or early next year though. Nothing wrong with being able to play all the factions. But for now,I'm concentrating on Malvernis then Terran then Rach and then Ritterlich in that order of priority.
  19. I'm going to be making a small CAV purchase within the next day. I already have a Malvernis army and (most)of a Terran army+a small,but nice Rach army. I have enough funds to go Ritterlich or Templar,but not both. What do you all suggest?
  20. The replies to this topic just sealed the deal for me.I was considering buying one of the Learn to Paint kit,but after reading about the MSP's I think I'll just get those and maybe pick up something tutorial from somewhere else.When/if Reaper offers another Learn to Paint set and it includes MSP's I'll pick it up. Now to find another tutorial......
  21. I've been reading up on this-after foolishly not printing it out-and I'm curious to know if anybody else has any homebrewed type stuff that they use or would like to use and what they are and what they do.Seems like potentially fun stuff.
  22. I seriously doubt I will ever enter any painting or terrain contests. I've diddled with bases before.Who knows I may do so in the future.A nice looking base is cool to see after all. Right now I'd just like to improve my mini painting a bit and make them look fairly presentable to my potentially impressionable friends(future players )
  23. Not on an urban board. Any kind of desert board the base will stick out as well. I've done a few bases,but I really dislike when they contrast with the surface you're playing on which is why I rarely do them.
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