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  1. Absolutely amazing work. I painted this guy up in the summer and didn't come close to this beautiful
  2. The shading from the top is great, I really like that natural mushroom look from above
  3. Great job! I have this guy primed for a few months and haven't touched him beyond that as of yet, so I really love seeing what others have done. I like the natural browns, grays, and oranges you chose for colours. I definitely need to get to painting myself!
  4. Wow that is gorgeous. Amazing job! I love everything about this from the shading to the detail work on the scroll. Truely inspiring
  5. He's a lumberjack, and with that paint job he's much more than okay. Great job!
  6. Those minis take me back. All the pewter probably weighs a couple pounds. I love the conversion and your colour choices, beautiful work!
  7. These guys are hilarious, great work painting, but this sculpt has me in giggles! How are they expected to aim with eyes 3 feet apart and facing opposite directions? I love the dumb open mouth look of the first two, I imagine the 3rd would have it too if not for the knife in his mouth
  8. Beautiful! I have this guy unpainted, you have inspired me, good sir!
  9. Great work, love the colour choice: simple but elegant. I painted this guy about a year ago but I am garbage with eyes so my wizard looks terrified and my owl looks stoned
  10. Fair enough, I never got to making a black box for photos, but if I am going to show them off I should at least put in the effort.
  11. Beautiful shading on the belly, great work!
  12. First time posting on the forums, but i have been lurking for a couple months now. My take on the discontinued dragon from Bone 4. I looked to the forums for advice on building as the mini is well known for drooping issues. Greenstuffed the joints and I glued the wings together, along with making sure the tail is attached to base seems to have done the trick. I have included the build pictures as well as the fully done pictures. I hope you enjoy! Please let me know if I should be posting pictures in a different format than this as this is just off my camera phone.
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