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  1. Flowers ;) Sorry, for those of you who don't know me, I used to be one of the resident smart aleks on the forums. I dropped off when I went to work for PP. The flowers are dried flowers. I found them on a walk and took them home and dried them.
  2. Meg, that means more to me at this particular time of my life than you will know. Awwww! What's wrong Cap'n? Rough times?
  3. Beo-p3 metallics Cap'n-missed you too! Jim-it's an ink mix painted on. I doodled it on in a few mind. It was a last minute addition.
  4. Indeed, 'twas I, mon Capitan! Thanks guys! Spencer-the rest of the class did a great job. I don't have photos of a lot of the models only because people started leaving towards the end of Day 2 once their brains had leaked out of their heads from so much painting. If you head over to my fan page I have posted the two reviews of my classes though with some pictures of the classes models.
  5. I taught a class in Northern VA before Christmas and this was the model I supplied for everyone in the class. This is my demo model I used during the class and I managed to paint about half of it at the class. I finished it after Christmas. This was a rather quick paint up for me.
  6. I wanted to post the Then and Now of Jeggare. I painted the one in the Reaper/Paizo gallery in 2010. You can definitely see some major differences in my paint style and refinement over the last three years. Plus, this Jeggare took a fraction of the time and has more extensive freehand.
  7. Thanks guys! It's weird to be back after all this time! And now that I don't HAVE to maintain forums I find myself not on them as much any more. Good and bad I guess. Hopefully I'll have more Reaper stuff painted at some point to post here.
  8. Well, it sure has been a loooooooooooooong time since I've posted anything on here. Seeing as how most of the stuff I paint these days on commission isn't Reaper stuff I haven't had a lot of opportunity to share my work. But, I just got done photographing this scene for Dave Gross, author of the Jeggare and Radovan Pathfinder Novels. He asked me to paint these up for him with the only requirements being: Radovan had to have red armor and golden blonde hair They needed to be surrounded by ruins (not necessarily temple, just some ruins) The minis needed to be removable Both models are on their standard bases. I cut a piece of foam core to fit the base and then cut out slots for their bases so they sink right in. To keep the basing consistent, I attached them to the base and applied leaves, pigments and other materials. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy. It was the first diorama I've done, of this nature, and also my first time doing extensive OSL. Enjoy!
  9. Hey, I'm looking forward to seeing old faces and meeting new ones. I know I'm not around here much these days though I hope to change that and start sharing some of my own work again (once I have it). Y'all can easily find me on Facebook though if you want to keep in touch more regularly. I'll be bringing my paints and brushes so if anyone wants to chill with me at a table or after hours let me know. I'll be getting some work done for Pat while I'm in town and I am willing to give people pointers on 2 brush blending as well. Meg
  10. Adam and I will likely be renting a vehicle so we will also be available to cart people around. I hope I still remember my way around Denton . . . it's been a while.
  11. Aww, I miss you guys! I really do miss the forums here but alas a busy life gets in the way. My husband and I are planning on Reaper Con 2013. I look forward to showing him around North Texas, introduce him to some of my friends and a faction of the gaming/painting community he isn't familiar with. Also, I can't wait to compete! It's been since 2011 and I feel the need to do some painting for myself . . . now . . . what will I have time to paint . . . that is the question
  12. Long time no see Reaper Peeps! I am making every effort to be at Reaper Con this year. I miss seeing all of you guys and definitely miss the competition and need a fix. Meg
  13. I'm hoping to make it for Friday and Saturday at the least. Would be nice to see my Reaper Peeps. I miss y'all!
  14. I still have 11 seats open if anyone is interested.
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