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  1. Hello! Yes Phil has been focussing on canvas art and chilling out a bit, so he sold his range. He sold it in parts, so it is a bit scattered. We (Bad Squiddo Games) have most of his undead animals, Frankenstein & Monster, Fairies riding forest animals, cthulhu pups, mummies and a couple bits Ive forgotten about as they're in the remastering queue. Only the undead animals and mummies are out yet, but the others won't be long (launching at Expo this weekend) Great Escape Games have a lot of the non-undead animals I think (not out yet) and the rest is with other companies, so it's a case of waiting and seeing where they pop up! Cheers Made a new account as I managed to lock myself out of the other?! I'm supposed to be hip and knowing things! oh yeah - undead chums https://badsquiddogames.com/shop#!/Animals/c/21735086
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