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  1. Thanks! *is part of Toy Soldier Warlord community*
  2. Back on topic... I tried combined arms today, and I got more archers as well. I got Kaena, the Banshee, and used: 2 Azarphans with 3 breakers and 3 warriors (one with Malek) 1 Banshee 1 Railor with 8 archers. I won every game I played, perhaps because of good luck, bad opponents, or whatever, but I think the advice I got here is good. Thanks, everyone
  3. Playing with the list, I've been doing okay, and I recently picked up a sergeant for my archers. No point in giving them a captain, though for the rest, I do like the added power of strong characters.
  4. Ugh... thats what I was afraid of. Oh, well. Time to go get new models.
  5. Hi, everyone I've been playing Warlord for about a month, and I've been loving it. The only problem is that I don't win much. Anyway, I got more grunts and I've been using that- it seems to work well. Her is my planned list for a tournament (based on my limited collection of models) : Judas Bloodspire with 7 Skeleton Breakers: 373 points Azarphan with 7 Skeleton Warriors: 198 points Azarphan (non-unique! yay!) with 4 skeleton archers: 175 points for a total of 746 points How does that look to everyone?
  6. Necropolis (mine anyway) is starting to figure out how to win. 1 Victory for me this weekend
  7. Okay, sorry. My bad. I read "Indirect Volley Ranged Attack" as "Volley Ranged Attack" for the 7 some times I have read the first post in this topic. I guess my eyes don't like the word "indirect"
  8. So... can I not volley with my skeleton archers in an all Necropolis army? If so (which it seems to be), thats a bit annoying.
  9. Anyway, back on topic, When is the book coming out? Whats going to be in it?- New data cards, units? Anything else?
  10. Here's a haiku: Necropolis book New things bring me excitment My undead can't wait
  11. It seems like 2 out of 3 people who go to the toy soldier, even semi-regularly, play Warlord. It's a great game, so I can hardly blame them. The more opponents, the better.
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