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  1. I can help with the Darkrime Drake. The torso of the rider is a separate piece. The rider’s legs are cast on the saddle on the Drake. Shield is separate too.
  2. joshuaslater

    Wargames Foundry Pict Chieftan

    Great work!
  3. joshuaslater

    Wreck Age

    I need a tetanus shot just looking at these!! Great work on all of them.
  4. joshuaslater

    03108 - Azrin, Female Dwarf Barbarian

  5. joshuaslater

    Wood Elves of Tembrithil

    Nice reporting!
  6. joshuaslater

    Kristof's Cars - finished

    They look great and useful for gaming. Well done!
  7. joshuaslater

    Gaspez-Arts: Kickass Cossacks team

    Looks great!
  8. joshuaslater

    IMEF Troopers

    They look the business.
  9. joshuaslater

    Holding parts while super gluing

    I like how you roll, Ludo.
  10. joshuaslater

    Kristof's Car(s)

    You done good.
  11. joshuaslater

    Chronoscope Minis we'd like to see, #4

    More post apoc mutants!
  12. joshuaslater

    Kristof's Car(s)

    Nice ride!
  13. joshuaslater


    Chomps! Heel!
  14. joshuaslater

    another army builder

    Thanks for posting this Andrew, and stubbdog for making it!
  15. joshuaslater

    The Super Bowl

    I live in South Philly and people are going crazy!
  16. joshuaslater

    The Super Bowl

  17. joshuaslater

    Pay to Play?

  18. joshuaslater

    The Ghosts of Midlam Manor

    Fun pieces.
  19. joshuaslater


    Superior conversion and paint. Kings to you.
  20. joshuaslater

    Lord Vyros as Darkspawn

    Exactly what I’m using it for!
  21. joshuaslater

    Lord Vyros as Darkspawn

    Going for a Darkspawn elite from an Iron Kingdoms model from Privateer Press.
  22. joshuaslater

    02834 Deladrin, elf assassin

  23. joshuaslater

    Orcland Raiders

    Great looking team!
  24. joshuaslater

    Happy Birthday Joshuaslater !!!

    Thanks y’all!