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  1. 6 hours ago, Mad Jack said:


     Since the money's coming to you in the form of store credit, don't think of it as being paid for your work as a DM - you're not actually getting "paid" at all. What's happening is that your expenses as a DM and the cost of running the game are being subsidized by the playing community at large.


    That store credit can be used to purchase books, dice and miniatures for use with the AL games. (At six players per table, a DM is only going to be getting $24 a week in credit, which as we all know won't go very far.) Now you'll be able to have extra sets of dice on hand for players that forgot theirs, or give a set of dice to someone who doesn't have one. Print up a giant stack of extra character sheets. Bring extra pencils/pens. Buy an extra copy of the PHB to keep at the store as a table reference.

    Buy snacks for the younger folks who had to choose between buying snacks and paying to play. Or buy snacks for your whole table.


    There are dozens of ways you can reinvest that small amount of money back into the game.



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