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  1. Thanks for pledging. I’m happy to report we hit our funding, and still have a few hours to go. NebulousMissy, I hope you will one day share your plans and painted models in use on the gaming table. I appreciate your support.
  2. Funded! One day left to get in!
  3. 91% Funded. 4 days left!
  4. Scale shot of one of our Powrie.
  5. 70% Funded. If we hit our goal, ALL model pledges will come with a free, random Powrie model.
  6. Barbarian add on. Great bodyguard model.
  7. You can pledge for just what you like. Thanks for the feedback! Thanks!
  8. These Dwarfs are add ons. You can pledge for any models you like.
  9. Never realized our 28mm Goblin would make such an excellent 15mm Troll!
  10. I appreciate the feedback. Maybe next time!
  11. Mountain Troll Add On
  12. Thanks! I would imagine some GM or Dungeon Master tormenting a low level party with these Powrie. They can wait until higher levels to break out the Cyclops! Thanks for the kind words Warlady.
  13. More than a passing resemblance!
  14. Big Cyclops next to some Reaper Bones to show size and model options.
  15. Scale shot of Yog-Sothoth. The oddball add on with the Powrie.
  16. Scale shot with Sir Forscale!
  17. Major stressor! Gave me nightmares.
  18. You can pledge just for the Giant. European pledges will ship fro Ian at Fenris Games. Thanks for looking! Thanks! I’ve been a member here since 2005 and when I hear that from fellow members I hold in high esteem I’m happy.
  19. These savages are on Kickstarter. My first Kickstarter! There are all kinds of add ons lurking in here too. Thanks Reaper for providing this forum! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1648985407/rise-of-the-powrie?ref=creator_nav
  20. I liked your write up. I will try them out eventually.
  21. I love Chronopia! You killed it with the paint on this model. Great work!
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