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  1. I definitely do not want to see skulls and spiky bits just to look like some GW Chaos incarnation, but evil dwarves do rock. From the Confrontation line you see some pretty over the top models for their evil dwarves, and they are pretty interesting, like'em, love'em or leave'em.

    As for needing the faction, well, they would be an interesting counterpoint to the dwarf models already in the line. I would like to see an almost fomorian treatment of them--hunchbacks, wild piercings/scars, etc. If you've got the Darkspawn to the Elves, why not this faction to balance against the Dwarves?

    I would like to see these sculpts from Matt Gubser, as he's done a bang up job sculpting dwarves for the Chronopia line, and I think he'd do well at these too, although I'd buy this army if it's done well by any of the other talented sculptors workin' for Reaper. Cheers.

  2. I hope one day that the folks at Reaper will introduce a faction of evil dwarves--not cartoon looking like the chaos dwarves from GW, but something wicked, and short. I like the dwarf from the Broken Fodder of the Darkspawn, and I got to thinking what evil dwarves would look like; maybe with protrusions of bone sticking out of their heads like horns, cruel barbed weapons, etc. I think Reaper would do a bang up job; their Derro figures are cool, but I'd like to see Warlord have a crack at something like this. Cheers.

  3. Will there be any crossover gaming stats to utilize the Dark Heaven models? For instance, the Snakeman Champion in the 2900 series would make an excellent hero for the Reptus. Also it would be cool to use the old army pack Malvernis guys to play with the Overlords. Any way to do this without just proxying models would be a nice add on.

  4. I was perusing the old Citadel line on solegends.com, and I noticed they had lots of old minis representing townsfolk. I know Reaper has done some, as I've got them, but I would love to see more bar folk, with jacks of ale in their hands, to fill out the barroom brawl that is for good or evil, a part of so many roleplaying encounters. The clientele is sorely lacking of late, and it would be nice to see some. Cheers.

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