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  1. Great work! I roll up my characters from the miniatures too.
  2. Sweet models: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/raffaelestumpoart/death-bringers-fantasy-football-team/comments
  3. Great work!! I've not seen them painted up this well before.
  4. joshuaslater

    Yo Joe!

    Very fine work on the whole piece, but I have to especially commend the work on the denim.
  5. Superb painting!
  6. You really brought out the unga bunga, el kabong, Hulk smash!
  7. Brilliant painting and converting. Well done!
  8. I'm all shook up over this. Nice homage to the King.
  9. looks great!
  10. I went in on his first Kickstarter and everything went smoothly. I got some cool models. This one is even more exciting with the sourcebook!!!
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