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  1. Good job!
  2. Or, they're Bones with the Dark Heaven metal numbers......
  3. Great work, but that thong looks uncomfortable!
  4. I got a Sleestak too, along with a bunch of extra goodies in my order. All good.
  5. I'm very upset. I've lost too many people in my own life to suicide.
  6. It would fit better on a 40mm base.
  7. Pinning and gluing is my strongest talent, followed by gaming and painting. I enjoy it immensely. I watch my friends models fall apart on the gaming table, but mine hold fast.
  8. I know I am. The CAV 2 one was just like the Warlord one now.
  9. Thanks. I will see if the IT guy at my office can help a brother out. I really miss the CAV 2 builder. Thankful that the Warlord one works for me. I may just go pencil and paper and build some basic forces to get into it.
  10. Is the army builder working for you guys? I can’t get it to unzip on my tablet or at work, but I’m not the swiftest cat, even on a good day.
  11. Just soak them in simple green to take off the paint and dissolve the glue. If you want to keep the paint, pry the broccoli base apart from the hex with a flat screwdriver.
  12. 1448 backers!? A small company getting all that out in a timely fashion? I'm not in this kickstarter, but if I was, I would have chilled out and forgotten about it for a while. People will get their models, but it may be a minute.
  13. Boaz, you done good. I like the lore.
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