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    Mini painting (duh! ;D), drawing, image design/webpage design, RPGs (LARP, tabletop, video game), all kinds of video games, music, martial arts, Nightcrawler, choco chip melon pan
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    *Crawls out of the woodwork*

    Eek. It's been a super-extended period of time since I've been on or around these forms (and when I was on, I was mostly a lurker). However good ol' Thane (PS- WHERE ARE YOU THANE?! We need to talk!) knocked some sense into me at the last con I saw him at, and reminded me of these great forms /and/ how much I like painting. (Graduating college, moving into your own place, job, etc, kinda made my life for the past 6 months nuts.) I, uhm. Hi, everyone? I am hoping to really get back into the field again, I really do miss painting. I know that I'll get a bunch of great info here to help me along, and I miss looking at all the pretty minis, I really do. I just wish I could find the cord to my digital camera, grr. So, uhm, I think that's it? ...bye? *jumps back into the woodwork*