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  1. Opps, I think your right..my mistake.....
  2. Dang..looks like a job for a drimel moto tool and some spair parts then.....Maybe ill buy 2 of them, cuz ive never attempted a conversion before... :oh:
  3. Excellent! thank you all, I discovered that using a cheep electric toothbrush is much easire at stripping down the mini, and much faster thatn hand scrubbing :)
  4. Well, Now I gone and done it, I broke a basic rule of Mini assembly and painted the dang thing first....D'oh. Can any of yall guess what happened? While assembling the painted peices of my Silver dragon I accidentialy applied to much (grotesquely so) Super glue or Crazy glue (whatever its called) to the wing tab and groove and now my beautifully painted dragon and all the scales down its side cloged in fast drying glue..I tried to remove it with alcohol, no dice so I tried Acitate, still no use.(Acitate usially gets anything off of anything) Now IM afraid that my only course is to strip down t
  5. I have a Microtek Scanmaker, It does a decent job for me.. Microtek web site~check them out Rogue
  6. I am concidering buying "Dragons Dont Share" and I was wondering if anyone has built/painted it. If so is it a mini that needs pinning and such, and I was also thinking of changing out the dwarf for a halfling and adding more treasure so to be a diorama of Smaug & Bilbo from Tolkiens "The Hobbit" any input from anyone regarding this mini would be great. Rogue
  7. Ok, I guess pinning seems to be the way to go about it, no all I have to do is read the thread about pinning cuz ive never pinned anything before, thanks all Rogue
  8. I am presently assembling my Silver Dragon, Im using super glue, I ws able to glue on the arm, tail , head and one of the wings just fine, and It is holding tight, but the other wing just dont seem to want to hold, it is clean, it fits tight, but once the glue is applied it wont stay attached..no matter how long I hold it or set it up proped with things to hold it together...does anyone have any advice??? Rogue
  9. I was painting last night, long after I should have stopped, and totially messed up a perfectly good paint job, so I decided to gitv the mini a bath and start fresh, the problem, I was out of Pine-sol, turpentine or anything else commonly recomended for stripping minis, thats when I discovered the joys of Extreme citrus cleaner! Woohoo! 2 hrs in a bath and boom....no paint ! this stuff is great. I dont know how it will effect glued and pinned minis, but hey its a good product. Anyone else ever try it?
  10. Ok, I know this has probibially been asked like 10,000 times in the past but...I just started painting again, and as ive said before, it has been about 10 years..what im having problems with is black lining, specificially on hands and very small details, does anyone have any advice on what to use to apply the lines, ive been using a cut down toothpick..ack..lol Help please!
  11. Awesome everyone, Ill take it all into concideration! you guys are great!
  12. Hey everyone, Im just wondering..as Ive said before ive been away from the hoby for aobut 10 years, I just purchaced some great minis for my Step daughter, Step Son and new wife. I want to paint them but have not got access (due to limited funds) to the "proper" paint with which to paint them..any suggestions on what to use? I can get a good sized TESTORS kit for a decent price, but dont want the minis all shiny and stuff. Is the testors paint sufficient or is it garbage? It is all I used to use on my minis back in the day, and some were done well, but others...I shudder to think what they loo
  13. Awesome, thanks Catman! im on the way to check them out...
  14. Hey, thanks everyone..the hunt continues! tune in next week for the gripping conclusion!!! :p
  15. Hey, I was wondering if any of you knew where a guy could get his hands on a DECENT mini of Gollum from LOTR? I am building a LOTR chess set and do not want to use the official LOTR minis from Mithril, just cuz thats to boring. anyhow ive looked everyware and cannot seem to find one..does Reaper make anything that would sufice...suggestions please!!!
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