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  1. I Just did an army blind box buy at a gaming yard sale that had a Bunch of Hadross figures in it and now I have to run to all of the Aldi on the way home after work today cause those are perfect for them.
  2. This came out fantastic! I particularly like the scale shading and transition. The white dragon is my favorite of the bunch as I find them to be the hardest to paint and yours is excellent. The mouth and ears off set it very well by the pink. Your horns are particularly good. If I was to find any critique it would be I wish you had used some greenstuff to clean up the joining point on the tail. You should be proud of it great job.
  3. This was my First Kick starter I’m going to wait finalize my order in the hopes of additional items will be added later . So far, I’m in for Talons of Winterfall, The 30th Anniversary Dragon, Chaarondar the Cruel, and a Core Set. I am looking at adding a Blacktallow Light house might even go in on a few more light houses to use watch towers once I see the actual model and at least one more 30th Dragon before it closes.
  4. Hello all I just recently got back into the Hobby after my daughter showed interest in D&D and her discovery of my old minis and terrain in basement storage. Her interest and had me running a weekly game throughout this pandemic that has rekindled my love for miniature painting and converting. I look forward to reviewing the forums and getting to know the members of the Reaper community.
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