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    I like the outdoors, 4-wheeling, movies (movie nut actually), drawing, anything creative, hockey, tattoos, piercings, fun stuff in general, science, psycology, books, forensics...i dunno if you want to know anything ask me dammit

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  1. I dont think I can wait much longer. I get paid today. I was going to wait until sunday when a couple of my buds didn't have to work but I dunno I might go selfish on this one...my little brother will go with me anyways (i poromised him I would take him and that I would wait to see it first with him ) I dunno I will think about it
  2. see I have heard of firefly, i will have to do some watching. I will add it to my must watch list....which is quite long
  3. ooo...tough one to decide on. Steve Buscemi would have that cackling creepiness thing needed, but mark as you guys have said did an excellent job...hmmm...either way it will be interesting. Me<-----Can't wait to see it on sunday and the next movies! Oh yeah! What is this Serenity I have been hearing about? I have no clue.
  4. AAHH!!! Why must I have to wait until sunday!! AAHHH!! I must see it now!
  5. Yes, yes...paint removal supplies are indeed in my future, but thats ok!
  6. OMG!!! You should have taken her to see something truely awful after THAT piece of crap! Geez! The cruelty women inflict these days!!!
  7. I wish either of my fathers were influencial in a positive way...you were lucky
  8. I get paid on friday then its "To the Batmoblie!!!!" I will have to drag my buddy with me. Good times, men in tights.
  9. awsome results!!! Mine won't be as purdy but i can try...
  10. That was such a cute picture of the two of them also
  11. ok I am finally going to get off my butt and paint up my Nefsokar minis. Any ideas on the how would be cool. Frosch gave me some tips already but more is good cuz I am going to play with different techniques until I settle into a comfortable painting style...so yeah any input would be awsome thanks guys!!! Oh by the way I have 3 mummies, 3 herdsman, Kofu, and Tarq...not much I know but meh...help me!
  12. So glad he is alright....thoughts and prayers to you and your family
  13. I called my dad to tell him happy fathers day on the 9th! I am such a tard...so today when I called him hes like "Are you sure its today?" I am a ding ding...Do you guys get your grandfathers stuff for fathers day?
  14. Note to self: Horde Abbazabbas, Cactus Cooler, and Del Taco...ooh and sushi!
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