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  1. Thanks a bunch, that‘s really supportive of you and I appreciate that. Now I feel like I‘m keeping you from posting progress 🤩
  2. OMG your shop. I feel like minis painted to that level should be more expensive. That’s really good quality. I’ve got an etsy shop as well but I’m not being very serious about it. I tried to set $80 per hour as that feels adequate compared to the skill level you need and I’m in Switzerland. Miniature Wizardry is easy to find, mine is DanielsFigur. I relate to your pandemic story, I also got back into painting during the lockdowns. Great escape! But now I’m facing that storage problem and I’d like stuff to move out. Anyway. I’m happy I found this thread. Fantastic inspiration for me - thank you so much for sharing!
  3. Looks fantastic as is! I just happened on this thread. Do you use these pieces for gaming or what are you making them for?
  4. No game function for the squirrels, I’m afraid. They’re good for morale though! I decided the lot was cured and varnished them today. All done except for the storage solution 🙂 Thank you for following!
  5. Thanks! I’m looking forward to playing them. Given that they’re a bit short of blocking abilities the halflings usually do not come out on top. But if they ever do, it’ll be glorious.
  6. Thank you kindly, Glitterwolf! I’ll let them cure for a week before doing final highlights and the matte varnish to take the shine off. Cleaned up and reset the desk for the next one. I need to save some Necromunda minis.
  7. Stellar job on the sculpting. Thank you for sharing! I’d love to learn how to sculpt like that one day.
  8. Got all of them washed. On to final touches.
  9. Did the first four oil washes. It’s a bit of a surprise how it turns out everytime. Love it.
  10. All done and gloss varnished - phew! 22 models is a lot.
  11. Thanks! The one sitting on the shoulder is called Acorn. Finished four halflings, two tokens and the treeman. Just two left at this stage and then everything is ready for shading, blacklining and saturation with oils.
  12. Nothing got finally done but progress was made. 2 more squirrels!
  13. Nice work! It’s an … uh … interesting subject too!
  14. No painting yesterday but after ten hours of work I managed to sit down tonight. Finished the base layer for Grak and the two coins. That’s 13/22 done if I’m counting correctly. More than halfway! Afterwards I did some airbrush work on the Treeman.
  15. Thanks! These are a ton of fun to paint. Today I managed to get another four base colored.
  16. This Sunday saw sorrow and I withdrew to my painting desk for a while. I did quite a bit of work and here‘s where the unfinished models are at. Some are closer to having their base layer done than others. I thought about the decals and would actually love some advice although its a very technical question. Should I apply the oil wash before or after sticking the decals? I’m worried about the white spirit damaging the decals. Added pics of the finished ones, 6 so far.
  17. Thank you very much - I feel touched. I‘m not quite sure, but that might be Kimera Light Brown Oxide on the ring of the base. I remember that particular set of colors arriving and I wanted to try them out. It turned out to reinforce the green of the robe and I loved it. It‘s great to find stuff like that while painting.
  18. I painted this fellow a couple of months back. Acrylic baselayer and highlights, washed with oils. When doing my lights as a zenithal, I find it easy to follow as was the case here. The shades are where they‘re supposed to be and the highlights as well. I find it very hard to paint the lights when not coming from a zenithal and I struggle so much with OSL too. I think I need a lot more practice.
  19. Pro job - nice! Love the colors, very grateful dead style.
  20. I love these - especially the eyes and faces. Well done!
  21. i‘m asking because your minis don‘t look like you used one. I thought that was unusual because it‘s such an accepted practice in mini painting and that‘s why I mentioned it. I hardly ever use acrylic washes but instead use oil washes all the time. I find them much easier to work with.
  22. Redid the squirrel and now 3/13 done with the base layer of the halflings.
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