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    Been playing D & D since the mid 70's from 1E through 2E and now 3E off and on. †Enjoy D & D 3E immensely, waiting on the update. †<br>Also paint miniatures when I can, I do okay.
  1. Excellent minis...I specially like the girl struggling in the vines. What mini did you use and how did you make the vines?
  2. Well it looks like RL has dealt a few of us some bad times. Hi guys...hope all had a good Christmas and a happy new year. Sorry I've been away so long, but RL hit me too. But with any luck things will even out soon. I'll read up on what's been going on and join in, again. Hope all goes well for everyone in the new year.
  3. Dymitri helps gather the fire wood for the pyre, then listens to all the suggestions about staying or leaving, waiting for someone to make a decision. Then as the decision to move away from the pyre is made he makes his final preparations and saddles up to continue the journey that he and Kaylie started months ago.
  4. "Brull is trusted. He may be half human and half orc, but he is all noble warrior. We were brought together by people we trust, that trust transfers." Replies Reg a stern undercurrent in his voice. Dymitri giggles a bit at this statement, and interjects, "Reg, if I remember correctly upon our first meeting with our honored p'tkau here," smiling and slapping Brull on his massive shoulder, "we where fighting with some Kobolds and I nearly put a cloth-yard shaft in to his chest." He looks down and kicks the dirt, then continues, "Fortunate for all of us I missed and since that initial meeting, through his deeds, we have all found a true friend and comrade-in-arms in Brull." Dymitri smiles once again at his friend, settinig the record straight. Then he looks the Drow in the eyes, saying, "Devon you are welcome to join our troupe, as far as I'm concerned." Then he turns to the others, continuing, "Now someone make a decision on what to do next and let's get back to it."
  5. Dymitri...IS...taken aback as Devon reveals his true heritage. But, not as much as Brull, or Macsen. His hand wavers just a bit, at Brull's growl, and he thinks to himself, Are all the stories wrong about Drow? I have seen much since I started adventuring, and my father told me I'd have days like this. So, until proven differently I will keep an open mind. . Then he shakes the dark elf's hand heatily saying, "Well, it is a pleasure to make your acquaintence Devon, and thank you for your help."
  6. As the beast takes the additional damage from Arch, and the enraged hippogriff, Dymitri sees the life drain from the thing. As it begins to fall he scampers side ways executing some quick tumbling manuvears to avoid being pinned under the beast. Once clear he assesses the damages as the Tarail begins, once again to soothe the young hippogriff from it's battle-lust. Scanning the group, as Kaylie tends to Brull, Dymitri notices a new face. Shaking the blood and gore from his hands, he moves over to the newcomer, and offers his semi-clean hand in friendship saying, "Thank you, friend for your timely assistance, tell me, what is your name."
  7. Dymitri continues his frontal assault on the creature as the young hippogriff executes it's vengance on the beasts back and neck.
  8. Haven't heard a word...In the heat of battle and...nothing. What's up with that?
  9. Seeing his bolt deflect off the creature's scaly head Dymitri thinks, OK, that didn't work. as he reloads for another volley. He moves his mount closer to the battle, smelling the charred flesh of the beast, caused by Lanae's "fire ball", as he moves. Arch comes from out of the steel grey sky and attacks with his tail stinger, hissing at the beast as he passes. And, Kaylie unleashes a volley of magic missles which strike the beast with unerring accuracy. As Brull and Reg attack the beast visciously, Reg takes a hit from the beasts thrashing tail. He hits the ground, but is up in a snap looking for his next opening. Then he sees Brull pause for just the slightest moment This can't be good, I guess it's time to get up close and personal. he thinks. Seeing Tarail wheel his mount about and draw his sword for a horse charge, Dymitri hooks his crossbow across his saddle horn, and slides from his saddle, unsheathing the archaic chain at his side. He feels the weight of it in his hands and begins to spin it. The familiar drone of angry bees comes to mind as he begins to "dance". Then seeing an opening he rushes the beast yelling, "DIE BEAST UNDER THE ONSLAUGHT OF THE FURIES' STORM!!!"
  10. Welcome Troileschilde...another new friend to be made. That said...LT What is up with Kaylie??? Is she here? Is she alive? Is she gonna do anything? Let me know, cuz Dymitri is still trying to look after her. I just want to let you know also, I got a new job. It's overnight so most of my posts will be between 10p and 6am CST Now lets kick this things butt and move on.
  11. What is he doing?! Dymitri thinks to himself as he sees Brull launch himself from his saddle on to the beast, delivering a savage attack with his double axe. Dymitri sees the creature react to the attack almost eviscirating Brull, who barely keeps his footing on the beasts back. Gotta stop this quick, before someone gets killed as he yells over the sounds of battle, "Take it down quick people!!!" Dymitri watches Macsen send another bolt towards the beast as Lanae's "rolling fire ball" scaulds it. His crossbow loaded once again, Dymitri, brings the creature in to his sights, aiming at the thing's head, he takes a breath, calming himself Aim small, hit small father always said, lets finish this. he thinks, and whispering for a blessing from the Furies, to guide his bolt true, Dymitri fires.
  12. In the insuing chaos prior to the battle, Dymitri moves to a position directly in the path of the new threat and the injured hippogriff. He quickly checks Kaylie's position, and readies his crossbow to fire. He watches from his position as Tarail, Brull and Reg advance across the field of low scrub. Brull and Reg taking, what looks like flanking positions, attacking from right and left. Macsen holds his position, crossbow at the ready and it looks as if Lanae is gathering energy to cast a spell. We are ready...bring it on. He thinks to himself. Tarail sees it first loosing a volley of arrows at the beast, then it breaks in to the clearing, serpentine body of a snake and the fore parts of a panther. Dymitri looks at the new threat, and thinks What kind of abomination is this??? Macsen fires first, followed closely by Dymitri's own bolt gotta get another bolt off he thinks as he reloads. This looks like it's gonna be bad.
  13. I should get here more often...It seems I'm always behind on the news. It is good to hear that Lucius will be returning to the fold. We need a bard around to raise our spirits. When will he grace us with his presence?
  14. Dymitri's crossbow and he are ready, and alert to the alarm just raised. He looks towards Kaylie, (whom we haven't heard from much lately.) to ensure she is safe and moves closer to her proximity, keeping the wounded beast in peripheral view. I wish i had eyes about my head to watch everything. he thinks to himself.
  15. Dymitri watches Tarail soothe the beast, and he sees the creatures change of demeanor. Don't drop your guard just yet Dymitri he thinks to himself. He watches both the creature and Tarail, learning from the Ranger and keeping a watchful presence just in case something goes wrong.
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