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    Ceynuundra Aelvari - Elven High Command

    I had originally planned on doing elves for my second army. After having played several games (as overlords) I was starting to get discouraged becuase of the elves poor defense value. The overlord grunts can definitely stand up to some punishment. After reading through all 11 pages of this thread I am starting to get excited again about having an elf army. Guess it is an army you have to play a bit more strategically. Now they seem more interesting.
  2. lucky251

    Crazy O'lord list

    Great. I had found errata on the website but did not realize it differed from the .pdf. Many thanks ! That is two more bond slaves ! Most Excellent !
  3. lucky251

    Crazy O'lord list

    Andras' cost has been dropped to only 74 points? No arguement here but I did not know that. Where does one get that information?
  4. lucky251

    Tough & All Alone

    The rules state that a model is all alone when he is the last model in his unit. If the leader is stunned he is still a model in the unit. Despite the fact that one might think the soldier would be shaken by his leader being stunned I do not think this makes the soldier all alone. Once the leader fails his toughness check he is no longer part of the unit and the soldier is then all alone. Perhaps there are other opinions but I think that the rule in this circumstance is quite clear. That is certainly how I would expect it to be played out.