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  1. I've always felt that I liked the paints of my Learn to Paint kit more than Vallejo ones but didn't get them since every professional recommended Vallejo. Now that I'm more comfortable with my painting I decided to just buy the best of the Triad paints and all of the Bones painting sets. I kinda wish Squidmar would've checked those out though. But even if he didn't like them, I do. The Bones/Triads still need more muted colors IMO and with the release of the Pathfinder line (which I haven't tried) I think Reaper dropped the ball in having 3 great but competing lines of paints. For Reaper to really to offer an alternative to Vallejo IMO they needed to offer a modeling color line. More darker greens and browns with more differences in saturation. But it still is impressive that they beat the premium European paints.
  2. What's the difference between the Dragon Black/White from Solid Black/White? I bought all of the Bones paint kits and found myself having two colors that to me at least look exactly the same and have the same RGB value on the site. Are they the same or is there a difference between them? The Solid versions seem to be newer, are they an improved version of the black/white? More Opaque? Any help would be appreciated.
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