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  1. Generally when I play I don't tell my opponent what equipment or spells I have unless asked. Spells, I think, should not be revealed because it would ruin the strategy. If someone knows in advance that you have a fireball or firestorm, then they will know not to cluster their models together or to swarm a model near a spell caster. Lesson for the newbies out there: if the opponent has a spell caster, expect a fireball or firestorm. Especially if he allows you to surround a small cluster of models.
  2. I too love the bone horror. I play him in a 1000pt game and he just got slaughtered. I think that I will hold on to him until I play higher point games like 1500+. I definitely agree with Gus, bone horror in 750pts is just not worth it.
  3. I need some clarification on Railor's stats, mainly his unit size and points cost. I have looked up his info in three different places and they all say different things. On the data card that comes with him: Unit 5-11/0 Pts 30 In the Thule faction book: Unit 5-10/0 Pts 31 On the data card online: Unit 5-11/0 Pts 31 Can someone please clarify which is the right one. There is too many to choose from .
  4. Hey Shadowlight, do you have any gaming store that are near you that you know of? The reason I ask is the finding people that are near you to play is only good for people who have regestered. If you have trouble finding any gaming stores near you, there is one thing you might try. I hope I don't get shot, stabbed, beaten, or anything worst for mentioning this , but you can go on to the GW website and try to locate a gaming store near you. If they sell GW stuff, they just might sell Reaper stuff.
  5. Actually, I believe that the CP would only be 2. The reason the Warcry is CP 4 is because you are casting it on a friendly model. Ie, CP 2 + Cast on friendly (CP 2) = 4.
  6. You could also think of it not just in the fact that the vampire is sucking blood, but maybe feeding on the life energy that moves the construct. Since a skeleton or other Undead things are not really living, they are just kind of animated by Necromatic powers.
  7. It's not about getting out of discipline checks or making them easier, but making a leader seem more like a leader. I really wasn't totally serious about this. Anyways, I like the discipline boost. Maybe even have a Unique Captain that could even boost the MAV from a short distance. Kind of like the grunts fighting harder under the close watch of the Captain. The only thing is the points would have to be high.
  8. You could always play Necropolis and not have to worry about discipline with the Undead SA .
  9. I'm not sure that it is really a Shiny Object Syndrome, more like Warlord ADD. You buy one thing and then you see something you like and then you buy that, and then....Oooh, shiny object....Gotta go.....
  10. When it comes to picking out an army do pick out an army that will fit you tactical style. But also pick it out by what you think looks interesting and that would be fun to paint. If it is boring to paint or too difficult, then it wouldn't be fun.
  11. I will have to go with what a couple of people already said. Gotta love the Samurai.
  12. I was thinking of starting a Razig's Revenge Army soon. I also thought of using Aysa as Clarissa. But I never though of using an anchor like that. Primo job, dude. I'm hoping my model will look half as good as yours does.
  13. One spell that I would definitly recommend for Necros is Convulsive Fear. It is an Ice Shard that doesn't need LOS. It's great for those who like to hide their mages.
  14. Bone Horror. It's a giant breaker. Not bad MAV and DV and has 5 DT.
  15. I believe you have it backwards. I believe it is you can attack the corner of a defending model, not the other way around. Don't take my word on it as I don't have the rule book in front of me.
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