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  1. Are you going to do another one next year? Because I have a GW orc I want to submit, but ran out of time.
  2. No No NO! And just when I wanted to buy the leigonares and that guy with the eyepatch! NOOOO! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (If you're reading this, Reaper, get the licence again!)
  3. Kyra and Lavarath. And also GW's Valten, Exalted of Sigmar so I can convert K&L into.. (Drumroll) Valten and Lavarath, Male Dragon Rider!
  4. Wow... That's awesome! Still, I think I'll convert it to put Games Workshop's miniature, "Valten, Exatled of Sigmar" on Lavarath instead of Kyra.
  5. A demon-looking guy in a robe, holding an orb in his left hand with his right at his side, with a tail, wings, horn-like ears and small horns of forehead. A brownie point to the select few who know who I'm describing.
  6. That second one reminds me of Zasalamel from Soul Calibur 3.
  7. They have a skull pack and a weapons pack, but I'd like an acessories pack! With bags, books, rings, helmets, armor peices, etc.
  8. Look around for the old DnD miniatures Dragons boxed set. There's a half dragon in there, but he's a magic user so you might need another one if your guy isn't a magic user. Alternitivley, you could get a lizardman mini and glue wings to it.
  9. Yeah, I'm waiting too.I even came up with a color scheme and seanic base for him!
  10. YES! Kobolds ROCK! A new set with nice new sculpts would DEFINITELY be most welcome! Tommy. Even better, MEEPO! The iconic kobold from The Sunless Citadel! One of the most popular NPCs! One of the runner-ups in wizards.com's Fan Favorite Monster competiton! You just HAVE to make a mini of him!
  11. Is it just me or is Nai wearing the name armor worn by the monster Dragonslayer in AQ?
  12. Argh I hate those things. As an acknowlaged painter, I hate having my cool mini painted for me.
  13. I was at kenzerco.com because they have some cool minis. I looked around and couldn't find any. Does the site still sell minis any more? And if so, can someone point me in that direction?
  14. I need a fig but can't find one. I want a lich-type guy, in a long robe, with a horned skull and lightinging around his hands. If lightining isn't possible, a flaming sword will pass. If possible, he should be wearing a flaming circlet. Thanks!
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